autobiography of my dead brother By : Walter Dean Myers Analyzed by Erick Garcia (This image represents how the story beings with death)

personal summary (review) : i haven't read too much of the book but there has been lots of suspense so far in this mysterious story. the setting has been dark and one of the reasons why is because the opening is at a funeral of bobby green. our protagonist named Jesse is on the road to find his ''brother'' and get him back how he use to be. some of Jesse's friends are rise and CJ but rise being the important one between the two . rise seems to have comfort with death while the other two boys do not. we find out that rise and Jesse are really good friends in fact like blood brothers. jesse has some suspensions on rise because his personality has been wierd lately and it's up to him to figure out what's wrong. It has many themes but two main ones in particular friendship and morality. Friendship can be represented by jesse and rise as they are like really close and they are always watching each others back til the end. the story may represent morality because troughout the story it is often hinted someone will die and it's in the title too. I would recommend this to the audience who take interest on mystery novels. sometimes it can be a little complicated to keep up but that adds on to the mystery. i like the element of realism because this could happen to anyone. this book is very interesting and as i read more of the mystery itself it becomes more clear to the eye with all of its twist and turns it has . ( This picture means that like jesse is on a road to get his friend back to normal but it may be to late )
summary : the novel begins with the funeral of booby green who was killed during a drive by. later on we meet jesse our protagonist who is really amazing friends with rise and cj, rise is like a blood brother to jesse, they have been friends since they were babys and even now as teenagers. lately rise has been very strange and has been acting different. as jesse expected rise has actually been transforming into a criminal and to be specific a cocain dealer. another problem is that rise is a member of the counts which is a nonviolent social club. As if that wasn't enough a gang formally know as the diablos are not very happy about the new dealer in town. jesse and his friends are being targeted in what they think is random drive-bys but in reality it is more deeper than one can see. Rise asks jesse to write a autobiography about his life and jesse attempts to make it so good that he may get a chance to get his friend back. as he writes the autobiography he becomes really good friends with cj from the same club and a distance grows between jesse and rise. Rise later makes a meeting in which both the gang and the club were suppose to come but he sets up the diablos to get murdered
summary part 2 : as the police and friends family members find out about this gruesome truth they are shocked beyond belief through his alibi. the police can't really charge him for anything. There is one huge problem left! the diablos just got many of there men murdered and they won't let that be in vain. meanwhile as this story comes to a close rise decides to move to flordia but before that can happen, he gives jesse one last final visit by his building to say goodbye. Sadly, rise gets shot and jesse is left sitting and crying waiting for the inevitable. With that rise is gone and the story ends the way it began with a funeral. ( this picture represents how the book is a mystery book and you never know who might die next 3rs pic)
''i'm going to miss you, bro '' - page 197 these were one of rise's last word. ''but in a way i'm glad we're not messing with gangs and stuff anymore '' - page 210 This could mean show that not all things are bad they learned many things and they will have to come to terms with rise being gone. this can represent a ''change'' quote ( this represent the friendship in the story )
authors website : you can buy it at : here is some gang activty at article : ( this can represent how rise felt when he was not telling his friends the truth )

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