People Influence Us Final Project By: Aaliyah Roberts


The people influencing Scout.

Aunt Alexandra: Although her aunt means “well” there’s no explanation for changing people as much as she does. She wants Scout to be a perfect little lady, and overlooks the potential that she has. When you try to change someone as much as she did, you soon know nothing about that person anymore. Scout learns that people are different, and can’t help entirely how they are.

Jem and Scout

Jem Finch: Jem is Scout’s older brother. He often takes care of Jean Louise Finch. He even bought a baton for her, but he broke it almost as soon as he had gotten it. Scout learns that things come along with consequences, such as when he had to read to an old lady, until she told him to stop. The baton had ruined her garden.


Tom Robinson: Tom has never really done anything to Scout, he hasn’t really done anything to anyone. But when he was wrongly convicted Scout learned that people don’t always seem as they appear at first glance. There’s more to a person then just looks, and she realized she can’t make these absurd assumptions about someone.


Boo Radley: He’s a mysterious man, he wrapped Scout in a blanket during the fire. Now some might say it was Nathan, his father, but if you really think about it, Nathan isn’t afraid to be seen. Scout learns that people do things for weird reasons.


Atticus: He really surprised Scout, when he was being harsh. Only for him to be his kind hearted self right after. The lesson to be learned for this is that people do things that they don’t always mean to do.

Scouts lessons

Aaliyah's people who have influenced her


Monica: She left me to go do drugs. Now I wasn’t the youngest but I was pretty close, I was the middle child out of five. Now I learned that people do things for uncanny reasons. It’s not our fault. I can’t just continue on with all that hatred, because it’s not fair to me.


De’Andrea: She always and I mean always blames me for everything. If the remote is missing it must be in my room, if the cheese is gone it’s in my room, if MY laptop is missing it’s in my room, no matter where it was seen last. I learned that people need someone to blame, even when it isn’t them, but I’d still like some privacy.


Donald: He’s actually a great person overall, he’s made some bad decisions, everyone does, but he learns from them. He doesn’t give up when things are tough. Most importantly is that he didn’t give up on me. What I learned from my father is that well, everything is a lesson, nothing is given to you.


Morgan: Now this girl is my sister, a great one, she makes some terrible decisions. Now usually I have to clean up the mess, and that’s okay, I don’t mind. Sometimes it’s just way too much, I have other things I’d prefer to be doing. I learned from her that everything has a consequence, you need to think before you do.


Jamie: This man, I don’t even want to think about. He’s done horrible things to me. Things that I wanted to cherish, things that I wanted to wait for, things that would make my parents mad. It was my decision to not tell anyone, but my sister, it was all my fault as well. I was younger, and didn’t quite understand that what he was doing was wrong before it was too late. My mother had left me alone with him. Someone who was a sex offender, and had done this to little girls before. But she had to fall in “love.” I learned from him that, there’s bad people in this world and we need to be cautious about who we pick. As the saying goes, it might be harder to climb to the top of the tree, but it’s worth it, instead of staying at the bottom and picking a rotten apple.


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