American Public Cloud "Be part of the connection"

American Public Cloud is dedicated to connecting the United States through wireless access. Our mission is to install free wifi in all major cities in America that will be open to the public and easily accessible

Everyday business revolves around some interaction with the internet. That means connecting your phone, tablet, or computer to wifi. But the constant connecting and disconnecting of so many users puts a strain on the network equipment. If too many people are trying to log on, the server lags and internet access slows down. In some extreme cases, the server crashes and everyone who was logged on is left without a connection. In most businesses today, every second counts, especially with corporations that deal in finance. These businesses rely on internet access to send information across the country. The seconds it takes for that info to send may make the difference between making money and losing money. The solution to safeguard against this has been sought after for a long time, and the answer was found not in America, but in England. The city of London has found a solution to this problem, public wifi. Not just wifi in offices, but almost free wifi that spans over the entire city of London. Wifi hotspots are placed all over, in shopping malls, office buildings, street lamps, and many other places. These hotspots link together to create a network of wifi. However, people must pay a small amount of money to continue using the wifi after a designated amount of time. People connect to the wifi via a downloadable app that is compatible with computers, smartphones, and any other devices that access the internet. If they can do it, why can't we? However, our version would not be limited to a single city. Our plan is to implement the free wifi zones in all major cities. Cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, and many others. Our version will also not demand constant charges like in London. Our wifi zones will be free to everyone. The linked array of hotspots in each city will not just provide free wifi, they will connect the cities across the country. An email sent using this wifi from New York will arrive almost instantly to a recipient in Los Angeles also on this wifi. You may be wondering how this is all going to become a reality. It is going to be a long road ahead, but it starts with you. Sign on to our website and give your support. The benefits for showing your support can range from a thank you email to a banquet in your honor. Not only are we supported by the public, we are also supported by big name companies such as Apple and Microsoft. Recently, we were happy to welcome other big names like Chipotle and Starbucks. You can show your support by buying a coffee or burrito and a fraction of the cost goes to our cause. Like we said, our goal is to connect people across the country. We believe that the way to connect people is through information, like what's on the news, reports between businesses, or social media. American Public Cloud hopes to bring people together under the overcast of internet access.

Donations and Benefits

$50 - $100 ............................................ Personalized "Thank You" email $100 - $1,000 .................................................................... Personal call $1,000 - $10,000 .............. $50 gift-cards to both Starbucks and Chipotle $10,000 - $100,000 .............................. Invite to semi-annually banquet $100,000 + .................... All the above and special shout out at banquet



  • Q: How do you know it will work?
  • A: We know it works because it is already being used in the City of London.
  • ____________________________________________________________________
  • Q: How long will it take to set up?
  • A: We are hoping to have it up and running in 5-7 years at the most.
  • ____________________________________________________________________
  • Q: Will it save money?
  • A: Yes, within the major cities, there would no longer be a need to pay companies like At&t and Verizon.
  • ____________________________________________________________________
  • Q:Why is this needed?
  • A: To increase the speed of information sending which will in turn increase business profits.
  • ____________________________________________________________________
  • Q: How do you connect?
  • A: There will be an app available for download that will let your device connect to the wifi.
  • ____________________________________________________________________
  • Q: How will security be maintained?
  • A: Part of the donation money will go to paying for a full time cyber security team.
  • ____________________________________________________________________
  • Q: Will this increase tax dollars?
  • A: Yes by a small margin, the wifi will make people want to be in the city more often. That means spending more money on food, shopping and other amenities.
  • ____________________________________________________________________
  • Q: Will it promote net neutrality?
  • A: The wifi network will promote net neutrality.
  • ____________________________________________________________________
  • Q: Who does this interest group support politically
  • A: American Public Cloud is a SuperPAC and therefore is not allowed to show any support towards a specific politician.
  • ____________________________________________________________________
  • Q: What is the minimum donation?
  • A: The minimum donation is fifty dollars.
  • ____________________________________________________________________
  • Q: Which companies support this group?
  • A: We are supported by Starbucks, Microsoft, Chipotle, and Apple.
  • ____________________________________________________________________
  • Q: How do you become a member
  • A: Just go online to our website and make a donation.
  • ____________________________________________________________________
  • Q: What devices can use the wifi?
  • A: Any device that is able to connect to a wifi signal.
  • ____________________________________________________________________
  • Q: How does sending info from one city to another become faster?
  • A: The app used to connect to the wifi also allows you to link to the wifi in another city.
  • ____________________________________________________________________
  • Q: What will the donation money be used?
  • A: The money from the donations will be used for mainly three things; starting the wifi up, maintenance, and security.


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