Ashes Laurie halse anderson

The setting of this section is Riverbend, Massachusetts. I would imagine Massachusetts as a flat land countryside type of state. Massachusetts is a pretty small state in comparison so I find it a little easier to escape. It makes me feel scared because when I imagine this type of terrain I also find it hard to escape because it is in an open area.
One of the specific locations was the rice farm that Ruth had been found on. The rice farm had a house for the owner and a barn for the animals and also the field for rice by the barn. The other location was the forest nearby. Isabel, Curzon, Ruth, and Aberdeen used the forest to escape from Prentiss, the farm owner, to travel north.
My novel takes place in the revolutionary era when the Americans allowed slavery. The season was fall, but this is just an assumption. I'd imagine it being very hard to escape because the owner can put a bounty on you and it is also fall which means it is getting colder. This makes me scared because it made me think that they we not going to make it.
Isabel and the others had run into the forest nearby so there was a forest nearby the farm which I think was surrounded by flatland. While Isabel and the others were escaping in the forest, it started raining and lightning hit a nearby tree. I think that it would be very hard because when it rains temperature usually drops and it seems to me like they don't have the right clothing. If i was in that situation I'd be pretty scared because I would know that there are people are after me and that the temperature is very low.
The first location was ver scarcely populated as no one lived there but farmers. They took large amounts of land so they could produce more money. The second population was isolated as it was a forest so nobody lived there. The farmland is very spread out so if you ran in any direction one of the other farmers would report you. The forest is very easy to come by because no one lived there. I'd imagine being lonely in both places because barely anyone lived there.
Some things that put a time stamp on the story are the haversacks and the gourds. In modern day we would use purses or any other bag to hold things. Also we would use water bottles instead of gourds. In the book, Mr. Walter gives each of them a haversack full of resources and gourds with water and food in them.
The setting gives you a scared and sad mood or similar. It makes you scared because you don't know what will happen to them through the forest and if they will make it to their destination. It also gives you a small sad vibe because Ruth is crying and doesn't want to leave Mrs. Serafina and Mr. Walter and thinks that Isabel isn't her sister. The forest sets the scary vibe because you can't see anything in it until you run into it.
The setting helps the story by transferring the story to a different place. When Isabel and the others are traveling to another place they go through the forest as a transfer setting and along the way meet some others. This setting was used so the reader understood how they got to where they wanted to go.


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