HipsterIA Reaching Sentience In One Cup


An Art Performance

For Steam Machine at the Orlando Museum of Art, we’re taking a different direction than straight Steampunk or Dieselpunk. HipsterIA illustrates how an antiquated ritual still brings the vanguard of the modern era into consciousness. HipsterIA takes the idea of “steam” and “machine” and creates a tea party where the creatively outspoken hipster is a creature so reliant on devices that he/she has become part-machine.

The Hipsers dress in clothing that mixes the modern with affinities and accessories from the late 19th and early 20th century. Body painting on the exposed flesh shows the underlying bio-mechanical structure of tendons and brass pistons and gears. On the exterior of the creatures they will have tubing showing the course of the power source——the drinks created with steam.

HipsterIA is what's known as a "straight parody." In this performance the Hipster is a sentient being, creative and communicative but only through the consumption of his/her fuel source. That fuel source is coffee and tea—created by steam. These are the fluids keeping the Hipster functioning…well sorta. The hipster awakes at the smell of chai or an Ethiopian peaberry. The hipsters perform acts of arrogance. The hipster malfunctions in their own contradictions.

The Fuel

Tea & Coffee

Tea and coffee are our slow brewing catalysts… the Hipsters' sources of power. They are fuel of conversation, of introspection. Tea sparks in these creatures, as a well as their machines.

…as well as their machines.

HipsterIA illustrates how an antiquated ritual still brings the vanguard of the modern era into consciousness.

…through a RITUAL OF STEAM.
A thinking feeling machine.

As They Rose

Steam… Not only the means that powered the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century. Boilers pushing pistons, joined to shafts rising torque into wheels and gears. Heavy lifting and light loads carried out over and over again.

Created at the point of boiling, water rises up, too forceful to persist on being liquid alone. This heat within the fluid just before a molecular rebellion, as it were, is what we've been using to expose the essence of leaves and seeds for centuries.

HipsterIA MindMap
The PARALLELS are obvious.
This communion and industrial presentation of tea time, cafe, salon symbolizes an awakening.
STEAM powers the Hipster.
…and thus, even EMPOWERS their DEVISES.

Just Aesthetics?

At the end of the 19th century the Aestetic Movement was a contradiction to the society surrounding art. The phrase "art for art's sake" arose out of the sensual expression of the "pursuit of beauty."

In embracing a movement that rejected industrialism as the machines began replacing warm bodied humans, artists embraced prior eras. This is similar to the manner by which the Hipster adorns costuming of earlier fashions yet embraces technologies—thus in contradiction, creating the new standards of multi-disciplinary creative expression from artisanal products to fully computer aided technological compositions.

Along with The Guava Tree Gallery…

Artists will perform this communion, bringing messages of ideastesia, interacting, even serving.

Further creative insight gained from the night's journey into sensation. I.e. "I feel from this experience…"

"I think from this experience…"
It was in the CAFE where the French communed over modern art.

HipsterIA brings together the idea of the solo artist, societies' and other mediums colaborative influence.

It was where Einstein toiled over the universe.

From one form to another,

A fully autonomous being.

Created By
Logan Anderson

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