Where I've Been

After 10 year war at Troy, the great winds carried our ships west from Llion and to the strong point of the Cicones. I slaughtered men that thought they could stand a chance against the great Odysseus. After enslaving the women and killing the last man I told my men back to the ships. Fools they were. The main force of the Cicones were trained to fight on horseback. That evening, there was six empty rows on each ship.
We came upon the shore of the Lotus Eaters, who live upon the flower. I sent two men to explore the island and searching who claim the land. They encountered the Lotus Eaters, they mean no harm but offered the plant. He who ate the honeyed plant would not return. Knowing how strong I am, I went to find them and brought them back to the ships. It was no problem, didn't drop a sweat.
In my next adventure we stumbled on the island of Poseidon's one-eyed monster son. A creature with more strength than two dozen four wheeled wagons moved a rock to close the cave. He yelled "Strangers, who are you?" I told the great cyclops that we came from Troy, Achaeans. But he did not care of who we are. In one stride he grabbed two of my men and smashed their heads against the wall and went on filling his belly. With my great knowledge, we sharped a wooden stick and rammed it right into the Cyclops eye.
After sailing from the Cyclops's island, my men and I landed o the island of the wind king, Aeolia. He gave me a bag of wind. It kept all the storms and powerful winds away so we could sail safely to Ithacans. But the curious sailors opened the bag and the evil winds roar up into hurricanes.
On the island of the Laestrygonians , gigantic cannibals ruled the land. Devouring my men left and right pulling them apart. Eating their flesh and swallowing the bones. My group and I safely got away. All the ships were destroyed but mine.
After escaping the island of Laestrygonians we landed on Aeaea, the home of the enchantress and goddess Circe. I sent my best men to explore the island. But no sign of them anywhere. I left my ship and rushed to Circe's hall. On the way Hermes appeared and gave me a plant that would weaken Circe's power. The goddess realizing that here power had no affect on me, frees my men from the spell.
The only way to get home was to travel to the Land of the Dead. Only to find Teiresias and have him to show me the way to my kingdom safely. From every side they came and sought the pit with rustling cries, I grew sick with fear but not enough. I had to bring with me a ram to sacrifice for Teiresias.
We returned to Circes Island, where I was told of the perils that await me ahead on my voyage. The Sirens, crying beauty to bewitch men coasting by; woe to the innocent who hears that sound. The Sirens would sing he would listen, minds away on their sweet meadow lolling. There was bones everywhere of men would dared to listen to the Sirens. When crossing the waters of the Sirens my men tied me down and put honey to cover my eyes from the singing.
Charybois was a monster that lives under the deep blue. Feeding on men and ships that cross over her. We had encounted her and she took three of my men. Quickly I yelled "Row! Row away from the beast!"
The den of Scylla is where she yaps abominably, a newborn whelps cry. She is the largest monster I ever laid my eyes on. Nor god nor man could look at her with joy. Legs of twelve, great tentacles, unjointed, and upon her serpent necks are borne six heads like nightmares of ferocity. Fangs hang from her mouth dripping with blood.
My exhausted crew bypass Thrinakia, the island home to the sun god, Helios. When we land on the island I told my men not to eat any of god's cattle. But hunger drew them mad. They attacked the cattle killing them for its meat. I only knew that we would all parish later on.
After leaving the Sun God's Island, Zeus made a storm to punish us from eating the cattle. A thunder bolt hit our ship. Ripping it in two pieces. Every last one of my men drowned. With my strong will to survive I swam to Calypso's Island. She gave me food, wine, and clothes. I told her my heart belong with my true love. She told me if I stay I would become immortal. But neverless I had to get home to my Penelope.
I sail to Phaceacia on my raft. I was clothed anf fed. The next the king and queen reconigzed me as the Great Odyssey and gave me one of there best ships to sail home. That is where I have been for 20 years.

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