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60% Of All Alzheimer's Patients Will Wander
In 2015 there were 5.3 new cases of Alzheimers diagnosed in the US alone.
In 2020 that number rises to 10.6
In the year 2025 there will be 20 MILLION NEWLY DIAGNOSED cases of Alzheimers in the United States

Of Those That Wander 60% Will Be found Deceased If Not Located Within 24 Hours

In 2014, an 87-year-old man with dementia died of hypothermia in the parking lot of a New Jersey AL facility after wandering away from the facility ,

resident not known to have left the facility due to lack of staffing. They had climbed out of a common area window.

AL residentwith Alzheimer’s disease in Florida was torn apart by an alligator after wandering away from the assisted living facility .

Since AL has largely been marketed as a private pay, consumer-driven alternative to nursing facilities, it is incomprehensible that residents receive anything less than the best of care (Castle, 2013). AL appears to be failing when it comes to protecting residents with dementia, and an examination of the public policy response is warranted

Taking Artificial Intelligence and The Newest In Radio Technology To Bring Your Facility and Caregivers Help To Keep Your Residents Safe

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