A Walk Through The Hallways During Spirit Week

During Spirit Week, each class looks forward to hallway decorating. This is a tradition that has been going on for many years and shows each student’s creativity. On Wednesday after school, the students get to decorate their assigned hallways in theme. They get very artistic and work together to create a beautiful masterpiece.

Entering the Hidden Valley

The seniors this year decided to decorate their hallway as a “hidden valley”. This play on words goes along with Monday’s theme Round up Ranch”. Step into the hidden valley for a peaceful and relaxing time!

Splish Splash Waterfall

One magical feature that the seniors added to their hallway was a flowing waterfall. Trickling water sounds were played through a speaker by the waterfall for a more real-life experience.

Step into the peaceful valley

On the doors leading into the hallway from the student dining hall, they placed green banners with flowers to look like rolling hills sprouting with fresh flowers. Trees were placed throughout the hallway to represent the trees of a valley.

Birds flyin’ high

Another great addition the seniors put in were plastic birds hanging from the ceiling. There were bird noises playing through a speaker to make it seem a little bit more real.

Today’s Special

The junior class really went all-out for their hallway this year. With the theme of “Four Course Meal”, they sectioned off the hallway and decorated each one as a different dressing.

First Stop — Ranch Dressing

For the ranch section, they decorated with hay barrels, horses, and wagons. They made it look like a farm with cactuses hung from the ceiling and a wooden bench with a cowboy hat on it.

Second Stop — Thousand Island

The second area was decorated with a bunch of pom poms and streamers. “Thousand Island” was represented very well with the “aloha” signs and the flowers.

Third Stop — Italian Dressing

The Italian portion of the hallway was decorated in grapes, vines, and salad plates. The lights were covered with green tablecloths to give the walkway a green effect.

Fourth Stop — Blue Cheese

For the final section, they used a bunch of ornate, blue decorations. Streamers, balloons, and banners filled the end of the hallway.

Bon Appétit

At the end of the hallway there was a table and chairs set up. They put all of the salad dressings on the table to tie it all together. Nice touch, juniors!

Welcome to the sophomore hallway! They went for a classy/elegant theme this year. Red and black were the main colors they chose to use with pearl accents.

Red Carpet Class

A classy red carpet was set up in the middle of the hallway with flower petals scattered all around. Pearls hung from the ceiling for a super fancy look. The lights add a unique feature and tie this look all together!

Welcome to Paradise

This year’s freshmen did a great job of decorating. Almost every item was handmade by the class which adds a super personal and amazing touch!


With the theme, “thousand island”, they set up the doors to be palm trees with a sign welcoming everyone who walks through. What a great way to greet the students and faculty!

Tiki lounge

Hanging from the ceiling were flowers, fish, and tiki items. They strung lights across the ceiling for a brighter appearance and dimmed the lights with blue tablecloths.

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