Coral Bleaching How does water temperature affect corals reefs? By: Avery Cesar

Aside from being one of the most beautiful places on earth

And being a home to more than 25% of all marine life

But corals also serve as a barrier, to protect us from big waves, flooding, and even storms

But over the past few decades, we've only brought harm to this underwater ecosystem

Although it might catch the eye, these vibrant colors are a bad sign

The coral is producing a chemical sunscreen, it's last hope at surviving, and also bringing attention to it's cause

It didn't start snowing underwater, the coral is "bleaching", the coral is dying, all of the flesh is falling off, leaving only it's skeleton

The fish and other species are forced to leave or they will die because the resources that the reef provided are no longer available

Taking reefs from brilliant to dead, algae covered corals in weeks

So what is causing this mass coral bleaching?

Once again, the problem is Global Warming

Not only have we destroyed the world above the surface with high temperatures, but now the world below the surface

Here's how it works:

What can we do to help?

I'm conducting an experiment for a few reasons. First, I can prove that global warming will affect coral reefs, and second, I can identify what temperature the corals are able to live at.

We should all try to eliminate our waste and gas emissions as this will help save our oceans.

CNN predicts drastic changes in our climate, air quality, and the ocean's health status by 2030 if we don't change our waste.

So now we know what's happening,

We know how to help,

So let's get to work!

We might just have one last chance.

Created By
Avery Cesar


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