Rachael Hernandez - Genius Hour Which DIY storage space is the most useful?

Blog post one

This year, I have decided to focus on creating different storage spaces for my room, to see which one is the most useful. I have chosen to do a platform bed, a murphy desk, and an entertainment system. This project is important to me because I’ve needed to get my room organized for a while now. I always liked watching the HGTV shows where they renovate a house or a bathroom and though this isn’t anywhere close to renovating a space, I am redesigning my room. I’ve always liked the furniture and decor they put in the rooms to make it more modern or classic, so in a way that’s kind of what I am trying to do. My goals for this project are to see which storage space I make is the most useful and to “redesign” my room (to a certain extent, of course). I need a space for my books, dvds and notebooks that won’t get in the way. I will measure my goals by reflecting about what I learned in the following blog posts. I can also post photos to go with my blogs to show what I have done/learned about.

blog post two

I learned that when you make a platform that you need to have the right tools ready or in a place that is accessible. I learned that before you build your project, you need to draw out the dimensions like a blue-print and building it is easier than it seems. I had a lot of fun building the frame, because it reminded me of when I would help my grandfather build things when I was younger. I found out that I used the skill saw better than my step dad the first time I used it. He told me that he had to use his fingers to guide the saw even so many years of using it, but I didn’t- on my first try. I used Pinterest to get the idea of the platform bed, which was my source this week. From here, I need to put in the center support beams and a “wall” two feet from the bottom of the bed to create a box in the frame and put the wheels on the bottom. We will then need to sand the whole thing and paint it, then take it apart and put it back together in my room.

the beginning and middle of the frame along with the blueprint I drew out

blog post three

I learned that you don’t need a whole bunch of new material to create something that looks really good. We made my bed frame completely out of old used lumber. We only spent $88 dollars that we spent on paint and wheels for my bed frame. I learned that I am not very good with the sander. My sanding skills look like streaks on the wood, which still turned out to be okay, but for the most part, I let my mom do the sanding, while she let me do the painting. Everything dried super fast because it was windy, so we finished putting it together and moved it into my room. This week, I did not use any sources because I already had everything planned out. From here, I go on to getting prepared to work on my TV stand. I will have to get the dimensions for it, then I will need to get the materials that I will use.

Even my dog likes my new bed :)

blog post four

I learned that remaking a (wardrobe) entertainment center, is actually really easy. It only took one day to make, so we got it in my room pretty quick. For me, I just took apart my old entertainment center (that looked like a wardrobe) and I made it much smaller. I learned that I am a very messy painter and I really enjoy painting. I also learned that I need to take many breaks when doing projects like this or else I will become very grumpy and I’m not pleasant to work with. This week, I used a YouTube video that showed how to build a TV stand. It was very helpful, but I decided to do something different than they guy who made the video. From here, I need to edit all of my video clips and photos together to make it look nice.

The color of the stand doesn't go with the color of my room, but I'm painting it a different color soon.

Blog Post five

I learned that editing photos and video clips to make a movie, is not extremely hard. I have worked with iMovie before, so I think I might try to use that instead of Screencastify, because I think it will look better. What I am going to do, is I’m going to do one video on Screencastify, and then I’m going to try to make one on iMovie as well to see which one I like better. I learned that I am not super into editing video files and things like that, because I do not have the patience for it. This week I used a YouTube video that explained the basics of editing simple video files together. From here, I need to actually put my video together, I’m not anticipating it to take extremely long, and I need to write my final reflection.

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