Character Design HSC Task 1 2018

  • Task notification given : Wk 4 Term 4 2018
  • Submission due : Wk 3 Term 1 2019

Outcomes assessed: GD2, DM1, DM2, DM3, DM4, DM5, CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4


This unit of work looks at the core ideas and processes that support the development of character design across a range of practices. From animation to advertising, the designing of 2D - 3D characters plays a pivotal role in the contemporary design world.


From the list below, produce a series of concept drawings / sketches (3 for each category) that explore the development of a range of 2D and / or 3D characters;

  • Animation
  • Toys / Flat pack toys
  • Web Graphics / Graphics
  • Comics



Choose concept sketches from 2 of the above categories and develop them to produce a series of 4 finished works @ A4 for each chosen category using Adobe Illustrator.

Scan the completed sketches and save them in an appropriate format (jpeg or png) to your drive. 'Place' these into an Illustrator document and use as a guide to develop your character.

Concept Sketches
Completed image example
Sara Vella
Use concept sketches as a guide as opposed to creating line for line reproductions.
Naomi Chilcott

Inside your Visual Design folder on your home drive create a new folder. Name this folder ‘Character Design’ and save your completed .ai files and exported JPEG files to that location.

For each of the above components i.e., animation, toys/ flat pack toys, graphics / web graphics and comics you should provide evidence of extensive research, in either;

  • Your Process Diary
  • A Word or Pages document
  • A Powerpoint (or other) presentation
  • A PDF or Acrobat portfolio.
  • Adobe Slate presentation

Research Task

  • Produce a timeline graphic that describes visually, “The History of Animation”
  • Choose a designer / design studio from one of the areas of research i.e, animation, comics, toys/flat pack toys, graphics/web graphics and give an overview of their history, practice and notable achievements.
  • Some suggestions;

Designers and Studios

  • Web Design / Graphics; Bill Bussey, Jesper Bentzen, Carmichael Lynch, Derek Prospero, BMI Elite, Mekarnism, Daddy Design,

Animation / Character Design;

  • Tex Avery, Tim Burton, Walt Disney, Max Fleischer, Terry Gilliam, Matt Groening, NIck Park,


  • "The Studio" (Barry Windsor-Smith, Bernie Wrightson, Jeff Jones and Michael Kaluta)
  • Will Eisner, Jim Steranko, Steve Ditko, Steve Gerber, Neal Adams, Don McGregor


  • Mori Chak, Friends with You, Toren Orzick, Daniel Svanberg, David Horvath.
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Gary Poulton


All images courtesy of current and past Visual Design students @ Wyndham

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