Dangerous Weather Climate Emily.s

The state of the atmosphere with respect to heat or cold, wet or dry, clam or windy, clear or cloudy.

Data: facts information used to calculate, Analysis, orphan something.

There are many types of weather.Data helps us keep track of the different kinds of weather.

Climate,A climate is a tip of a bome.

Biomes,regions of the would with similar climate,animal,and plants.

Arctic tundra,grass land,deciduous forest,Tania,tropical forest,desert

Hazard,the lab was fun and some of the cubes as the houses got flooded and the one on top did not.

They both got flooded


Created with images by tpsdave - "norman oklahoma lightning" • NOAA Photo Library - "nssl0054" • Rojer - "100_6223 Listing Bear" • diapicard - "arctic fox mammal fox" • Unsplash - "field grass horizon" • Nicholas_T - "Forest Turnover" • Stilgherrian - "When walking along roads without a footpath, always face the oncoming traffic, says Taiga" • DaFranzos - "waterfall nature forest" • Unsplash - "sand dunes desert hills" • Nikiko - "web flood water" • Sheep purple - "Flooded" • Nikiko - "web flood water"

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