Oh My Godot Adam Miller, Lauren Williams, Lexxi-Joy Bruxvoort, & Quinton Mashler

They're in Hell


Not that kind.

Instead, they are each other's torturers in their Hell.

“I’m in hell!” - Estragon - Page 47

“Your only hope left is to disappear.” - Vladimir - Page 47

“Do you think God sees me?”- Estragon - Page 49

“God have pity on me!” - Estragon - Page 49

“It’s indescribable. It’s like nothing. There’s nothing. There’s a tree.” - Vladimir - Page 55

“Everything’s dead but the tree.” - Vladimir - Page 59

“They each take an end of the cord and pull. It breaks. They almost fall. ‘Not worth a curse’” - Vladimir - Page 60

“Yes, let’s go. [They do not move.]”- Estragon- Page 60

Estragon and Vladimir are each other's torturers, just like in "No Exit." They cannot leave each other for long, and they infuriate each other.

"Waiting for Godot" also relates to family.

Sometimes, we must work with our family even when we don't want to.

Whether we like it or not, we are stuck with our family.

"Waiting for Godot" is similar to "FInding Dory" because of the shared theme of forgetfulness.

Hiroshi Kashiwagi - Japanese Internment Camp


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