The House on Memory Lane The story of my life By CONNOr Morgan


Fear played a bug part in my life, as it does in everyone's. but my fear played a much different part in my life. You commonly hear many stories about hero's overcoming their fear or using their fear to drive them, but that's not what happens. My fear help me back, pushed me down and it wasn't the fear of failure or the fear any physical being or person. I feared disapproval.

My fear of disapproval held me back. Instead of driving me, my fear threw me down. When i thought i had escaped it caught my leg and dragged me back down. I know many stories end as a happy story, but this story never seems to end. My fear is never ending, but what can i do? No one can escape their fear, they can hold it down, but fear always wins in the end. Fear isn't always a bad thing. You may not be able to defeat your fear, but you can use it as a strength. I once used my fear to drive me and i fulled from that fear to help me gain approval, but when you take from fear... there is always a price.

Magical Moments

Magical moments are times in your life when you just forget all of the bad times and just enjoy the time you are having. I've lived my life making my magical moments last as long as i can because you never know when on moment will be your last. My Magical Moment is when I'm on the Pitchers mound or in the batters box, my mind goes blank and all that is in my head is thoughts of the next pitch. I never dread on the past or any pitches that have gone by, my mind is only on my next pitch.

Magical moments are not something to brush off as just another time in your life. Moments like those need to be cherished and remembered. I cherish everyone of those times because I never know when i will lose it all.

My Name

My name, my name was a last resort, a ¨If we can't find a better name¨ kind of last resort. My name was the type of name you could pull out of every baby book in the word, my name is basic. You could go out on the street and yell my name and many would turn their heads to respond, but my parents loved this name. Even though it was the last resort and even though it may be basic, my parents loved it.

My name comes from the Irish origins meaning strong willed and wise, but in the English language, it means basic, it means another name that no one knows where it came from, my name is a name that just randomly showed up so everyone used it. However when i was given my name, my parents were prideful and excited. I was their first and my name was important to them, my name filled them with joy even when i am a pest. Sadly that isn't enough to help me out of trouble, but it still makes me feel prideful of my very basic name.

I like my name even though it is boring and basic, it gives my pride knowing what my name means. My parents may not have known but my name represents my strength of will and my godly stubbornness. My preferred name would be Lance, French name meaning ¨The largest¨ or the Giant. This name would be more excotic and less basic.


My vignette represented the part of my life that i don't often reflect to others. Its the part that i don't reflect to others but greatly affect my life. Commonly people overlook those problems just like in the House on Mango street. All it takes is a smile on your face for people to overlook your problems

Created By
Connor Morgan


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