My Ideal Career-Photography GABRIELE ZALOMSKYTE 10M

My Ideal Career is photography. I chose this career because I love to take pictures of everything

My job family that I fit in most is Artistic. There are five suggested jobs and I chose Photography.

In this job, you have to be able to take photos. If you can't do that, then this job is not quite for you. You take pictures of everything basically. Mostly, I want to take pictures of models, and people who are not models. It would be a really exciting job for me.

Typical hours worked as a photographer are 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday schedule. However, most studios are opened all day because to accommodate clients.

You can work as a photographer in a studio or even at home. My best place would be in a photographic studio because there are more equipment that can be used during photography process.

Photographic Studio

The salary for a photographer is £20.000 to £65.000 per year. Not all photographers have salaries like that. Depends on how much efort and work you put in it.

Some other interesting facts about Photography.

1. Travelling back in time, photography wasn't as simple as 'smile and click' as we see today. Back in 1820's, early cameras would take several hours to actually capture a film! Technology is great! Isn't it?

2. Photographing adult people was still okay, but when it came to photographing children, things turned even more difficult. Most of the times mothers had to sit all covered and disguised as chair, holding their babies.

Mother's hidden

The first ever digital camera to be created was in December 1975. It was developed by an engineer in Kodak Company and took 23 seconds to create first photograph. The camera only recorded in black and white photographs of 0.1 mega pixels. The camera weighed 8 pounds.

World's First Digital Camera 1975

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