Preventing kitchen accidents By: LarRy Jackson

Cooking outdoors safely

When your cooking outside you may cook with a grill when doing so it's very important to do the following.....

Start with a clean gill. Clean the grill with a heaped brittle brush after each use. Wipe and wash the grate in hot, soapy water.

Next set the grill to an appropriate temperature for whatever it is your cooking make sure it's an open space away from any flammable objects

Neve r use a grill inside the home or garage for 2 reasons, one it's very easy to a fire to start, and two burning charcoal gives off a lot of carbon monoxide witch is an odorless, highly poisonous gas. If enough is inhaled it can cause death.

Use fireproof equipment when using the Grill some don't get any severe burns. These materials include; gloves,tings,turners,and basting gloves.

When your done grilling, let the coals burn down to ashes, then douse them with water and put them into a METAL trash can. Do not dump them on the ground, they can burn grass and that can cause a fire.

Protecting family memberrs

Anything that prevents an accident helps the entire family. Some family members safety may need be taken into consideration.

For example the little kids in the picture above there safety should be tooken into consideration by the adults.

Which brings me to my next topic......CHILDREN

Never leave young children alone in the kitchen even for a few seconds.

Protect toddlers by using safety latches on drawers and cabinet doors

Like this one here

If children want to help you work , set up a child sized table or safe step stool. Provide small utensils that they can handle for simple tasks such as mixing and mashing. DO NOT let young children use knives or work near that range. Supra use them at all times

People with physical challenges

If you are cooking with a person with physical challenges or know one who is going to make sure the following is done....

Add more or better lighting

Use unbreakable dishes or glassware

Store frequently used tools in easy to reach places

Keep a magnifying glass in the kitchen for reading small print. Re-label items in larger letters with stick-on labels and a marking pen

Suppply round, rubber jar openers for gripping appliance knobs.

Put mixing bowls on a damp dishcloth or round, rubber jar opener to secure them on the countertop during mixing.


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