ISLE 9 Kona Brewing Co. sponsorship proposal

The ISLE 9 Collective in partnership with MiLLENNiAL Magazine


An intimate transcultural music and art festival

Where: North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii

When: October 13 - 15, 2017

Who: 1,000 music and art lovers (22-40 year olds) from Germany, California, and Hawai'i

Camp Erdman, i9 Festival Venue

Nestled between the Wai'anae mountains and pristine beaches of Mokulei'a, ISLE 9 returns for its 3rd installment to the remote and naturally scenic oceanside landscape of Camp Erdman on the North Shore of Oahu.

The resulting pop-up space will demonstrate how sustainable entertainment can be integrated within an interactive festival dynamic, designed to awaken the human spirit and inspire personal responsibility.

Mokulei'a Beach



ISLE 9 fully embodies a "zero waste" philosophy.

All materials used throughout the festival grounds, on the stages and for art installations will be constructed from upcycled materials found on the island.

ISLE 9 Crew builds staging out of wooden pallets.

All ticket holders will be issued a reusable cup for the bar, and no plastic bottles or aluminum cans will be allowed on the festival grounds.


We want to ensure every dollar spent is contributing to the economic wellbeing of local islanders. For this reason, all food will be provided by The University of Hawaii's Culinary Department, allowing students to gain real-world experience by catering the event.

The "Big Kahuna"

Title Sponsorship Package

In-Kind Donation + Interactive Campaign

  • Exclusive beer distributor to 1,000 people throughout the weekend festival
  • Promotion of involvement through an "Interactive Data Campaign"
  • Custom Audience segmentation and hyper targeted marketing via direct email
  • Sweepstake "trip giveaway" to incentivize interaction
  • Social Media takeover of ISLE 9 and MiLLENNiAL accounts

In-Kind Donation:

In exchange for suppling our libations throughout the weekend, Kona Brewing Co. would become the exclusive beer provider on site.

Logo Design by Tape Over

Tape Over artists design the main stage at ISLE 9 2016

The bar will display Kona Brewing Co.'s sponsorship branding in a unique design crafted by sustainable Berlin-based artists, Tape Over. The art team will create the tape version of Kona Brewing Co.'s logo using their specialized technique complete with light enhanced colors to illuminate the bar at night.

Upcycled "Kona Brewing Co." Materials

In addition to branding the bar with a Kona Brewing Co. logo by Tape Over, we'd also like to source any glass bottles or other raw materials from the Kona Brewhouse, where our team can design and build interactive art installations displayed throughout the festival grounds.

Interactive Campaign

Gone are the days of mass blasting a message in hopes of gaining a new customer. MiLLENNiAL offers brands a powerful, integrated and highly sensitive advertising solution that reaches the most targeted and responsive audiences online.

Hyper-Targeted Digital Marketing

Our team works to understand the perfect audience for each client. By eliminating the guesswork, we are able to deliver personalized and relevant audience profiles. With access to an extensive data network, our model maximizes marketing efforts based on identifying these consumer traits:

  • Geography
  • Demographics
  • Purchase History & Intent
  • Topical Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Emotional Triggers

Data Dictionary

260 million US consumer records

300 data touch points

Once we have determined Kona Brewing Co.'s consumer personas, we use the agreed upon attributes to generate a target email list. The first 100,000 emails out of the target list will be used to start the campaign. If more is required, we will continue to pull from our original target list.

Email Processing

Our email campaigns are run through a white label third-party server. There is no click cost associated with interactive campaigns allowing for an infinite number of potential engagements.

ISLE 9 pre-parties in Waikiki

Trip Sweepstake

(Duration: 60 days)

Sweepstake giveaways act as a great vehicle to boost brand visibility while creating an interaction worth sharing. The data collected from entrants is also helpful in retargeting interested consumers.

We recommend hosting a trip giveaway to excite and incentivize email conversions as well as position Kona Brewing Co. as a relevant and iconic brand.

The proposed trip includes:

  • (2) Roundtrip tickets to Honolulu from San Diego, Los Angeles, or San Francisco
  • (2) Nights at the Hotel Equus combined with 3-days of activities that bring guests to connect with Oahu’s sustainable organizations and natural wonders prior to ISLE 9
  • (2) ISLE 9 All-Access Festival Passes includes camping

Build & Host Sweepstake Page

MillennialMagazine.com will host a designated interaction page for Kona Brewing Co. where the sweepstake widget, promotional media assets and trip details will be available. Metrics and takeaways will be provided to Kona Brewing Co. throughout the duration of the campaign. Any data collected on entrants of the sweepstake will be sent to the client upon completion of the campaign.

Custom Design Promotional Email

A dedicated promotional email will be created for the Interactive Campaign, which includes graphic design, custom HTML & CSS, and ad copy.

Homepage & Sidebar Ads

Ads promoting the Sweepstake will be placed throughout the MiLLENNiAL website, encouraging regular readers to sign up for a chance to win.

  • (1) 1160p x 300p homepage ad
  • (1) 250p x 300p sidebar ad on all news, culture, profile, spotlight, and music pages

Social Media Takeover

  • Instagram - A photo collage highlighting the rich beauty of Hawaii's natural environments and Kona Brewing Co. products throughout the island will take up a 12-post block on MiLLENNiAL’s account.
  • Twitter - Daily tweets will be sent out during the length of the campaign, combining promotional sweepstake messages with fun facts about Kona Brewing Co., the brand's involvement in ISLE 9 and unique travel opportunities to Hawaii.
  • Facebook - The sweepstake will be anchored to the top of MiLLENNiAL’s Facebook page and shared throughout our “Group” pages.

Total "Big Kahuna" Package: $18,150.00

Price breakdown

  • List Generation @ $.10/per email (min 100,000) ... $10,000.00
  • Email processing @ $15 CPM (min. 100,000) ... $1,500.00
  • Trip Giveaway ... $2,650.00
  • Custom sweepstake widget + distribution on MiLLENNiAL ... $2,500.00
  • Social media takeover ... $1,500.00

The "Mahalo"

In-Kind Sponsorship Package

1. Beer supply for 1,000 attendees over a 3-day period. *Kegs are preferred as we are mandating reusable cups for all drinks.

2. Tape Over custom Kona Brewing Co. logo branding on and around bar

3. Art installations from Kona Brewing Co. upcycled materials

Total In-Kind Donation: 3-day Beer Supply for 1,000 attendees


Meet the Team

The ISLE 9 Collective

The ISLE 9 Collective is a Berlin-based community, producing events that draw attention to the inherent worth of inter-cultural exchange. We thrive on transcultural collaboration through showcasing a multitude of creative talent across the fields of music, performance, and visual arts. We are driven by our passion in sustainable practice and education. The unique experiences we produce are designed to inspire. We believe in the value of co-creation, we are not for profit but for love.


MiLLENNiAL is an aspirational media lifestyle brand highlighting the global adult millennial. In 2014, The White House recognized us as one of the most influential digital media sites. Since then, our brand has become a go-to source for hyper-targeted marketing campaigns and has secured media partnerships with iHeartMedia, TIME Inc. and The Huffington Post. As a result, our network reach now surpasses 25 million viewers.


Millennial Magazine, LLC.

Britt Hysen, Founder & EIC





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