Me and Earl and the Dying Girl Spark project


The book Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is about a teenager by the name of Greg Gaines who is trying to make his way through High School. Greg only has one true friend named Earl Jackson, who he considers his co-worker because they make movies together. Greg is faced with a tough situation when his mom forces him to spend time with a girl named Rachel, who is suffering from Leukaemia. Greg and Rachel gradually start to hangout more. Before Rachel starts to get chemotherapy, Greg and Earl are accidentally on drugs and go over to see Rachel. Rachel is introduced to Earl and he tells her about the movies they make. Greg begins to spend more time with Rachel which causes him to fall back in his studies. Greg's crush, Madison Hartner finds out about his movies and asks him to make a movie for Rachel. Greg agrees to make the film and tries to find a way to make it. The movie is eventually finished and is show at a school assembly, and he ends up destroying all his movies because he was upset that no one liked it. Just a few days later Rachel would pass away.

World Issue

The World Issue that relates to this story is coping with death. Death is an issue many teens face, whether it's friends, family members or celebrities teens have to cope with the loss of these people. This relates to the story because Greg has to deal with the loss of his friend Rachel. Teens who lose a close companion often end up depressed or heartbroken and Greg is no different.

Character Development

When dealing with the world issue, Greg becomes more involved in Rachel's life throughout the story because he knows that she is going to die soon. At the beginning Greg is not attached to her because he does not care. As Greg starts to spend more time with Rachel he begins to feel more attached to her than he did before. The fact that she was dying made Greg want to spend time with her which led to him being more attached to her. "I knew I wouldn't see Rachel again. I just felt kind of empty and exhausted" (283). When Rachel eventually dies Greg feels more heartbroken than he would have if he did not get involved.


The main conflict in the story is that people have to accept the fact that Rachel is dying. This conflict is resolved when at the end, when all of Rachel's friends and family accept the fact that she is going to die. Death is a part of life and people must accept it when it is going to happen. As Rachel starts to accept death she becomes less involved in school work and she becomes more aware of her friends and family around her. She does not consider her future such as college and career path but instead focuses on the present.




The novel Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews is about Death and reveals the horrors behind it. Greg is forced to deal with the death of his friend Rachel as a high school senior. Teens can often experience a sudden death of a parent, sibling or friend. Some emotions teens may feel are: Denial, Disbelief, Confusion, Shock, Sadness, Anger, and Guilt. Teens look to either caring adults such as parents or teachers to help or even another friend. Greg looks towards his mother and Earl to help deal with the death of Rachel.




The plot of the story can easily relate to the world issue. In the story Rachel talks to Greg about applying to college using his movies, at this point Rachel begins to accept the fact that she is going to die and when Greg talks to her about applying to college she says she is not. This makes Greg upset because she is giving up on life, Greg has not accepted the fact that Rachel is going to die but she has. Greg finally accepts Rachel's death after he see's her in her room after coming back from the movie showing.

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