Maddie's Water Journey By Ashley Jo-ann pederson

Hi I'm Maddie,I live in the ground in ground water city I have 2 friends named Gracy and Krista and all we do when we hang out is play on the playground for a few hours but my parents said in 200 years we have to move to the ocean. My friends were so upset but when that year came we started packing our stuff then the next day my parents told me to get in the truck its time to go.

When we got to the new house we unpacked our bags and boxes. I would send a letter to my friends every day and for a few weeks I didn't get a letter back but that day I got a letter from gracy that she moved from ground water city to the clouds. Then 200 years later I asked my parents if we can move to the clouds with gracy and they said YESSSS!! I was so happy I started packing right away then it was time to leave and evaporate into the clouds.

When we got to our new house in the clouds I asked if I can go see gracy and they said I could and I was so exited when I got to her house we both ran and hugged each other and cried "I missed you so much" "I missed you more but then I had to break the news to her. "Me and my family are,"... "are what" Me and my family are moving in 400 years," what? not again my mom came to Gracys house to get me then 400 years later I had to move so I got in the car and it was time to move to the glacier

Once we got to the glacier I was so sad that we had to leave my friends but that night I got a letter from krista I asked myself how she got my address then I read more of the letter and it said that gracy told her where I lived and that there both moving here when I was done reading it I threw it across the room and screamed. I was so happy when the finally moved here they said that they could live with me and that they were going to move with me next time but 600 years later my parents told me the we are all moving to the ocean where I was born. Today is the day that we get to go back so we got in the car and moved to the ocean.

When we got to our new home I was so happy that my friends lived with me now. But 250 years later Gracys mom said that gracy has to go back with her mom but it was time for me to evaporate again so I would still be with her.

Thanks for listening to like 1,650 years of my life /602,250 days of my life.


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