Term 3 Week 10 Newsletter

Wear What You Wish Day

It has been a great day of fun at Anzac Park today as we have raised money for the Make A Wish Foundation. This event has been coordinated by our Student Representative Council led by Miss Molloy and Miss Donnelly. Thank you to all the parents who helped out with the wonderful costumes and your donations to this charity.

Kindy Sports Fun Day

Kindergarten had a fantastic Sports Fun Day on Monday. Students dressed in their house colours and participated in a series of activities including: running races, sack races, egg & spoon races, relays, tunnel ball, parachutes and rob the nest. It was great to see Kindergarten using the athletic skills they have been developing in their sports lessons with Mr T and Miss C this term!

All smiles at Kindergartens Sports Fun Day!

Encouraging each child to reach their full potential

It has been an absolute pleasure meeting with our Kindergarten 2021 students and their families over the past few weeks. I believe that an important part of being the Principal of Anzac Park Public School is knowing each child personally and spending time with them before they enter school is a wonderful opportunity to get to know them before they begin their learning journey with us.

The interviews have given me the opportunity to reflect on the diversity that exists within any group of students. There is such a colourful assortment of interests and talents prior to school experiences and ages. It has reminded me that every class has a diverse mix of learning needs and student backgrounds and that as teachers we are able to use our professional training to cater for these individual differences within our classrooms.

Teachers are able to use a multi-faceted approach when programming and implement a wide range of strategies to meet these diverse learning needs within a classroom. They may use a range of strategies such as ability groupings, as is evident in literacy groups, or provide open-ended rich tasks. Open-ended tasks may appear to children that everyone is completing the same work but in fact these tasks allow students to complete work at their own level. The teacher will have different expectations of each student and will know when to challenge and extend. These strategies are what we define as differentiation and meeting the individual needs of our learners is something that is a priority at Anzac Park Public School.

2021 Enrolment Intentions

We are currently in the process of planning for 2021. This includes the large task of determining staffing, classes, the location of each class in the school and the learning programs that will run next year. To complete this process, it is essential that we have accurate enrolment numbers. If your child is not returning to Anzac Park in 2021, please email the school now as a matter of urgency and let us know where your child will be enrolling in 2021.

Digital Citizenship and Online Safety

Last week it was reported in the media that there was an inappropriate and distressing video circulating on social media globally. It was an important reminder that we cannot become complacent at any time about our children’s use of digital devices and online platforms. There are many challenges related to online safety and good habits in using technology that don’t adversely affect the mental health of young people in our community.

In response to these challenges and the rapidly changing landscape of the digital world, our school has a range of strategies in place. These include explicit learning programs in each stage related to digital citizenship and online safety, ongoing discussions and reminders as children are engaging with technology, and a proactive response to dealing with inappropriate use of technology. This applies to interactions that can happen between students both at school and at home. It also applies to all types of digital devices including mobile phones and smart watches.

The following advice for parents assists in limiting students’ exposure to harmful online content:

  • Engage in your child’s online activity and discuss the types of apps, websites and games they are viewing to ensure content is age-appropriate
  • Make use of parental control on devices to help limit your child’s online exposure
  • Help your child report and block inappropriate content on social media or apps
  • Encourage your child to talk to you about anything upsetting they view online

I would recommend all parents look at the E-Safety Commissioner website. It’s a great starting point for ideas, resources, advice and support.

Snapshot from Caribbean

This term in Caribbean, we have been learning about the concept of Form and Function in Science and Art lessons. We have explored how materials can be used in various forms to build upon our understanding about how things can change in form and function.

We have created some wonderful artworks by manipulating various materials. In our Science lessons we have been conducting experiments looking at how reactions can change a matter’s state.


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Miss Kelly who will be celebrating her wedding in the upcoming holiday.

Congratulations to our Silver & Gold Award Recipients!

Silver Awards are presented to students when they have received 3 Bronze Awards. Make sure you keep your child’s Bronze Awards safe and when they have collected 3, bring them into the office. Gold awards are presented to students when they have received 3 Silver Awards.

Upcoming Events

25 September - Last day of Term 3
12 October - First day of Term 4
21/22 October - School Photos