Survival in the trenches By Devlin "Blue" McCoy

Mosquito net

"Postcard: mosquito net to be worn as a veil" by Fæ is licensed under CC BY 4.0

The number of people that have died due to disease has surpassed the number of people killed by the enemies in the World War. To prevent getting bitten by mosquitoes carrying those deadly diseases, your best bet is to wear a mosquito net. It'll protect you, and it's see-through so you can still do other things with it on ("10").

Entrenching tool

"German military shovel WWI Memorial de Verdun" by Janmad is licensed under CC BY 3.0

The entrenching tool is just that, a tool to make trenches. If you make trenches, you protect yourself from shrapnel, bullets, and shells from cannon fire. You can dig small ditches with these tools, or with your whole army having these, they can be forts for soldiers and they can stretch up to 250 miles long ("10").

Gas Masks

"US WWI Gas mask with bag" by Jean-Frédéric licensed under CC BY 2.5

Chemical weapons like smoke bombs and poison gas are being used by the Germans. To protect yourself from those fumes you will need a gas mask. You will urinate in the bag so all you smell is the harmless urine, and not the harmful gases ("10").


Public Domain

Camouflage is important for you so you do not get seen by the enemy. Using colors of clothing like brown and green will make you blend into your surroundings. If you stay hidden in bushes or shrubbery, you will not be seen and be safer than ever ("10").

A Dressing pack

Public Domain

A dressing pack is pretty important because if someone is wounded, they can cover it before they bleed out. You can also use it to prevent wounds from infection. These particular dressing packs are filled with two wraps, and this is only used in emergency, until an actual medic arrives ("10").

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