Daytime Disco Perfect for a Christening, naming ceremony or afternoon party before 5pm

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12pm until 5pm

Christening parties have increased in popularity recently as parents want to celebrate this momentous occasion with their friends and family around them. Chiefly Wedding DJs, our team of experienced hosts have everything needed to deliver a quality and memorable event on this wondrous day.

professionally hosted event

Holding Wedding residencies in several top Hotels keeps us busy most evenings, but as we just love what we do, we wanted to offer our premium Wedding DJ equipment and professional hosting skills at a lower cost for those wanting an afternoon party. With a saving of 33%, a professional party host and DJ is a much more affordable option.

suitable Music Genres

Whether you need a lazy afternoon Chill out mix, energetic ice breaking music or something more specific, your chosen DJ will spend time with you to help create a suitable playlist that compliments your party. Each client will receive a Log in for our website where they can add must play songs to their online playlist too. Or, perhaps you just want to leave it up to your skilled DJ, that's cool with us too.

Stylish classy daytime Disco Rig

We know you don't need lasers or smoke on an afternoon, this party is about a friendly welcoming atmosphere, some great tunes well mixed and a host that brings everyone together in celebration. That's why we keep our rig simple, classy and effective. We can have our rig set up and ready to go in 20 mins if needed and we are fully insured and PAT tested too, so your venue will love us!

ICE breaking Games

Although we expect lots of children present, a Christening or similar events, are really an adult celebration. Therefore, we don't plan to do children specific games or play children's party songs (unless clearly specified by the client). We will however, work hard to ensure that your event is less of simple gathering and more of a memorable occasion with guests coming together for fun and friendship. Our Ice breaking games are based on the Victorian Parlour Games of the late 19th century so are simply fun, wholesome and contain an air of elegance. An example would be -

Reverend Crawley's game This game provides gentle exercise, enforced intimacy, and ultimately has the effect of a conjuring trick, so there really isn't much to be said against it and everybody should give it a go - trust us.

You need at least seven or eight players, preferably more. You all stand in a circle and link hands - but not with the people on either side of you, and not both hands with the same person. This has the effect of turning the group into a huge human knot, and your joint task is to untie it. You work together to step over each other, crawl under people's arms, climb through gaps, and so on - all without letting go of the hands you're holding.

The outcome is truly bizarre and counter-intuitive: the knot virtually always unties into a single ring of people holding hands in a circle (or, occasionally, two interlinked rings).

Parents & God Parent Speeches

Becoming a parent or even being chosen to be a God parent or similar is a real privilege that we think gets overlooked these days. What better way to inform your group of family and friends of your delight and intentions for the future than a well hosted short speech. Our professional hosts are there to gather attention, announce your speech and even offer help and support for those a little nervous with public speaking.


So you can see how much value a GoGoDisco afternoon Host and DJ can add to your day. This service will include, where possible, a one-on-one meeting with your DJ to discuss timings, music choices and any special requests. For this service we charge a reduced fee of £199


It's so easy to schedule a telephone call with our head Director Dean to discuss the options and ideas for your upcoming celebration. Just follow this link to book your appointment time slot.

Telephone Appointment calendar

"We promise that when you choose GoGodisco for your event, we will deliver an exceptional, celebratory experience for all your guests"

Dean O'Grady

Dean O'Grady

Sales Director

MOB: 07538904094 Email: Info@GoGoDisco.co.uk

WEB: www.GoGoDisco.co.uk

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