The Renaissance By: Maya cervantes

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

Races: The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance. The reopening helped because of trade. In the text it says " increased trade from faraway lands and helped spark new interest in these activities" ( Holt 298). Trade grew and the people became more curious about the products.

This is Marco Polo and his travels through the Silk Road

Italian trade cities -Florence

Medici family

This is showing the renaissance artwork,education,architecture and banking. The artwork is the lower right side of the photos and it has a lot of people in t. The education is on the ther side of the art and above it it is showing how they would learn. The architecture pictures are pictures of the buildings they had. The banking is the two top it showing what they would do to there money and how.

Rediscovering the past (Greek and Roman)

Greek and Roman classical ideas helped shape the development of the renaissance because when the people found the ancient writings that they thought they had lost forever they got more intrested in it. " people began studying ther subject other than religion" that means that they started looking at other subject and one of them was humanism if you look at the statues from now and back then they look exactly the same because they saw the humanism and were entrusted in what they did they put a lot of detail in the body and shape in they person. Greek and Roman classical ideas helped shape the development of the renaissance because of the writings and peoples interest in the Greek and Roman art and statues.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci had many different talents one of his talents s male if stuff. One of his inventions is a robotic knight. He created a robotic knight because he said it was the first and people used his robot to help NASA. His robot counted as the first. The robot stood up, sat down, waved. Walked, moving its head, and moving its visor.


This s talking about Michelangelo and what he did.

Paper and printing (Johann Gutenberg)

The top left photo is a picture of the book showing how small the letters are and the bottom right picture is the same as the top left. The picture next to it is showing how they get on the paper and the picture on the bottom left is the same thing.

The impact it had on literacy was that it was easier and faster. It was way easier to make because before they did the easier way get the ink on the paper they had very little pieces of paper that had little letters and they had to write super little letters and now all they do is have the small letters put ink on them and push it down. It is way faster because they already have the letters in order and put ink on it and push it down instead of writing them all down all at once.

Renaissance writing (William Shakespeare)

William Shakespeare's writing reflected the idea of humanism because in his poems or plays it says " each human being is important." (Holt317) This is showing how William Shakespeare's writings reflected the idea of humanism. William Shakespeare's writings reflected the idea of humanism because in all of his plays and writings he would say that everyone is important. William Shakespeare's writings attracted such a wide audience because he wrote in vernacular. Since everybody understood what he was saying the people got more intrested and wanted to watch more because they understood. William Shakespeare's wrote his poems and writings in vernacular and people like understanding stuff so they got intrested in his work and started watching and reading more of his work.

Doubt thou the stars are fire - Shakespeare's Hamlet

These are some of William Shakespeare's plays

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