On Liturgy By: Matthew Cuomo

What is Liturgy?

Liturgy is public service, duty, or work. In Scripture it refers to the religious duties to be performed by priests.

Liturgy is the official public worship of the Church. It is the special title of the Eucharist, and the administration of the sacraments with the annexed use of the sacramentals.

Mass as Sacrafice

The Eucharist is a true sacrifice, not just a commemorative meal. The first Christians knew that it was a sacrifice and proclaimed this in their writings. They recognized the sacrificial character of Jesus’ instruction, "Do this in remembrance of me."

Community and Liturgy

Worship happens when we respond to God’s grace together. Liturgy is about organizing the response. By coming together as a community we are able to express our love for God and show how much we care through prayer.

Liturgical Diversity

The mass most Catholics in the United States are used to is far from the only way people worship in the Catholic church. Any Catholic could choose to go to anY of these church on any given Sunday and participate in the liturgy and receive communion. Some of them use the same liturgy as the Eastern Orthodox Christians, others follow the liturgical traditions of the Coptic Church, the Ethiopian Orthodox, and the Great Church of the East. Some have their very own ancient liturgical traditions that are used only in their Church. Though diverse in our liturgical expressions, we are still united by the one Holy Spirit across the world.

How is the Liturgy Both Unified and Diverse in the Church?

The United States of America is composed of multicultural and multilingual groups. This multiplicity is reflected in the Roman Catholic community, especially when diverse groups assemble on significant occasions for liturgical celebration. These assemblies provide opportunity to employ the rich diversity of cultural expressions into one common act of worship.

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March 1, 2017


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