Myanmar By ben cavato

Myanmar is in the northern eastern hemisphere. Myanmar continent is asia.

there are currently 5 contrys boarding Myanmar. they are Bangledash,china,Lagos,Thialand,and India

Yangon. It is 20 N 100S

Myanmar is in the tropical zone. The lines of latitude is 100.

The northern mountains are the tallest reaching a elevation of 19,296 feet.

The countrys population is 49.5 million people. The world rank is 25,628 in countrys.

The population density is 196 people / mi2. It is pretty crowed.

.811 is there growing rate. So it is increasing. There fertility rate is 2.10.

The five largest citys are number one is Rangoon, second madalay, Mawlamyine mon, bacg,Pathein.

Myanmar is urban place

People are entering Myanmar because population is getting bigger.

Myanmar is a developing country because there GDP per capita is 1,700 when it is supposed to be 30,000. Another detail is that there literacy rate is 92.7 when it is supposed to be 99 percent.

Burmese is the only language they speak in Myanmar.

The religions are buddhist 89 percent christian 4 percent and baptist is 3 percent

Myanmar is influenced by india and China because they are right next to each other. Myanmar used to be called they just changed the name Burma. Buddhist is there mane language.


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