Dakota City, Humboldt County By: Kalene Meinders Iowa History Period:4

The court house is located in the county seat Dakota City. The court house was built in 1873. This is the new court house built in 1939.
Historical events: In May 9, 2011 the city of Humboldt Iowa honor Frank Gotch with a statue in the park. There are many thing to do at the Frank A. Gotch State Park like fishing, canoe/kayaking, and many more things.
Frank Gotch Statue a professional wrestler
The population of Humboldt County is 9,640.
These are the top four major cities for Humboldt County Iowa.


Directions from Albia to Humboldt County Iowa on Via-1-35 N

Conclusion: My conclusion over Humboldt County Iowa is it is a beautiful town with many historical events that has happened in that town. Humboldt Iowa honor Frank Gotch by building a statue of him in a wrestling uniform. Gotch was a professional wrestler who died at the age of 39. This town has a very loving community who cares about their town. Humboldt has many events and attraction that you can be a part of and most of it is free. Humboldt is a wonderful town with great people.


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Humboldt Iowa name origin was named in honor by Alexander von Humboldt

The two counties that touch Humboldt Iowa is Wright County which is east from Humboldt County. Webster County is south from Humboldt County.

The coolest township name is Webster County because I would never of guess it was a county in Iowa.

Wright County coordinates are 42, 43 and Webster County coordinates are 42, 25

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