Railroad Jesse Gosserand

What is my advancement, My advancement is the Railroad, the Railroad was for transportation and getting the materials where it needs to go, for trading, to coal mines, factories, made it get to where it was going by faster, gave people jobs, let people get to there jobs faster, and move to there jobs. What was life like before this advancement, They either had to walk, or they had carriages, plus not of people didn't have jobs, not a at of people at the city. How did it change life after this advancement, The railroad change life because after the railroad was created a lot more railroads were created then mechanics started to build cars. Jobs got bigger, people got more money, started to move to the city. What people did this advancement most effect, Everyone at the city, because everyone started to come to the city to live there for there jobs.

Pros of the railroad: The railroad was good for transportation to get to places and good for trading and getting material where they need to go. Gave people a lot more job opportunities, The railroad also was a very cheap way for traveling, and it made it easy.

Cons of the railroad: Jobs been doubled or tripled, jobs had worse working conditions, and had no safety. People started to move to the city, and carry diseases with them, Hazardous to the environment, More pollution in the air so harder to breathe.

railroad Peel paragraph:

Did the railroad have a negative effect, My advancement had a negative effect on human society, but not all were negative.How was the railroad a negative part, well because when the railroad came out it was a big thing, but not alot of people knew that they were carrying diseases with them, and they were moving to the city because they could and there job was there. Also the railroad cause a big problem because once all those people moved to the city and got all them sick, jobs were also getting tripled, so all those safety hazards that were not fixed just got more dangerous to those people. Also the railroad caused a lot of dangerous hazards with it, the railroad carried a lot of pollution to the air which made it harder to breathe killing the some of the environment. The muscle stack is at the front of the train where the smoke comes from, that causes the pollution to for. Yes the railroad was good for transportation and getting thing around, but our safety is more important maybe if they could've fixed the job, or waited tell all the diseases were gone so that people wouldn’t get sick then everything could of went a lot better, they should of waited to let the railroad release.

Source: The Industrial Revolution & Railroads, Pros and cons of the railroad, Impact of the railroads

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