"We Are Authors!" Our project writing our own stories

Most of our friends have been really interested in writing their own stories lately. The kids come up with their own ideas and then make it into a story. They draw the pictures on each page of the book and write the title on the front cover.

Molly worked on "The Easter Turkey" and discussed the events of the story with her friends at the table while she worked.
Emilia's first story was called "My House." It was about her house and the people who live inside.
Ethan loves to write books about Star Wars characters. This one was called "The Empire Strikes Back".
Our friends discuss the plots and characters of their stories with each other as they work on them.

When the kids have finished drawing all of the pictures, they dictate the story to me and we talk about it. They don't realize it, but this is a chance for them to finalize the details of their stories. Often times, they edit their stories at this point. They might realize they forgot to add a character or they want something else to happen that they didn't draw. We often have friends say things like, "Oh wait! I forgot to make his sword," or "Oh yeah! I wanted there to be a lady here, too!" This is their chance to add these details.

The last step is to type the words. The kids read the final product to me one more time and I type exactly what they say. We print the words and glue them to each page. Once the book is assembled, they can't wait to put it in the sharing basket and share it with the class at meeting!

Will shared his story "The Volcano Expodes at Martin's" with us.
David read "Playmobil Knights" to us at meeting today.
Lucas wrote an awesome story called "Mr. Ryan Saves the Store." It was about Mr. Ryan (our favorite Martin's employee) catching an old lady stealing apples at Martin's.

When book making first began as an interest, the books the kids made were very simple. For example, one friend wrote a book called "Bugs" and on each page he made a different kind of bug. As we have been exploring books over the last few weeks though, it has been amazing to see how the kids' stories are evolving and getting more complex. They are starting to include more characters and follow a predictable narrative structure. We have decided that our stories are getting so good, we want to hang them in the hallway of Fannin Hall so other students, teachers, and parents can enjoy them! Starting next week they will be on display. Please stop by and read a few when you have a moment!

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