Self Designed Proposal2

Topic of Inquiry: I plan to study the effect of eating breakfast every day on my well being and academics. I want to study this because I usually skip breakfast but I do not do so based on logic I do so just because I don't like breakfast foods.

Hypothesis: I expect my academics to improve and my attentiveness to increase, in addition my energy will likely increase.

Method: I will eat breakfast everyday making sure that I eat enough to be relatively "full". Then I will determine how this affects me and compare it to how I was before eating breakfast everyday.

Presentation: I will be presenting through adobe spark.

Implementation: I have found that after eating breakfast everyday I am not only able to better concentrate than before, but I also was able to remove that lethargic feeling I always seemed to have. That was a big problem for me as I knew I would have work to do, but I would find myself physically incapable of doing it until I had snacked enough to have some energy. However, by starting the day off at max efficiency level I do not have to wait to get to that point and I can start my work immediately. In addition I am less forgetful and I tend to be able to complete all my assignments to a level that I deem acceptable.


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