Gold Rush By Ray aNd wYatt

The gold rush took place in California, Panama, and Cape Horn

The gold rush began at 1848, and ended at 1854

A popular tool was the rocker or cradle, and indeed, this tool did vaguely resemble a child’s cradle. Using a handle on the rocker to push it back and forth, the miner dumped gravel into the top part and finer and heavier particles dropped through a screen, helped along by buckets of water. The bottom part of the device had slats, or riffles, that caught the heavier metals. After many shovel loads of gravel were pushed through the rocker, the miner would then use his gold pan to sort out the heavy minerals and, with luck, find gold
The long tom was similar in theory to the rocker but was much more elaborate. A paddlewheel ensured a constant source of water. Again gravel was shoveled into the top end and the water pushed it along a long wooden course, sometimes hundreds of feet long. Again, the slats collected the heavier ore, which was then further processed
Immigrants and mostly men went to California to become gold miners (or also called 49rs) Some even traveled overland by going through mountains and sea to Panama or Cape Horn. Also, Women traveled to California because they wanted to be with their husbands, making California seem more appealing. They even worked alongside men to mine for Gold
Miners faced a disease called scurvy. Scurvy is caused by not enough vitamin C in the diet. It typically takes at least a month of little to no vitamin C before symptoms occur. Early symptoms include weakness, feeling tired, curly hair, and sore arms and legs
Comstock lode was the first major silver discovery. Discovered under what would become one of the most important gold camps in the west – Virginia City, on the eastern slope of Mt. Davidson, the mines would yield more than 500 million dollars of silver and gold
They usally spent all their life savings during the gold rush to get tools, a place to sleep, etc so it they didn't find gold and did not make any money they would have had a horrible time. It was also very lawless in some parts. It was also very heavily over populated.

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