Working Conditions In China By: Daniela S.

Working Conditions Are Not Safe In China. Many Workers In China Commit Suicide Because Of The Hard Working Conditions. China Had So Many People Commit Suicide, That They Put Nets Around Their Factories.

This Shows The Nets Around This Factory In China

There Have Been Many Deaths Of Foxconn Employees. A 31 Year Old Guy Leapt To His Death Because Of Bad Working Conditions. Workers Are Basically Forced To Work Overtime. A Worker Was Struck By A Train And Killed While Trying To Get To Work. China Gained Notoriety For More Than A Dozen Worker Suicides. Foxconn Deaths Are Reminders Of The Stress And Hazards That Come With The Poor Jobs.

These Are Their Living Conditions

Another Conflict Foxconn Has Is Poor Working Conditions. Each Day Foxconn Workers Are Paid For Ten And A Half Hours Of Work Not Counting 15 Mins. Of Unpaid Meetings. Workers Are Given a 30 Min. Break For A Meal, Which Is Not Enough Time. Workers Take A 30 Min. Shuttle Bus To Their Dorms Where Up To 14 People Are Crammed.

Managers Force Workers To Clean Toilets. 20-30 People

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