Wild Leaf A new line of modern, benefit-rich teas.

Wild Leaf Active Tea is a woman-owned and operated business that launched in Summer 2016 by founder Susan Parnell. Susan discovered the awesome power of herbal teas during a long and painful battle with chronic Lyme Disease. Teas have helped strengthen her body and mind so much that Susan knew she wanted to spread the word, the love, and amazing teas to help others feel their best while managing today's modern day chaos. This led to the birth of Wild Leaf Active Teas, a one-of-a kind brand with a simple mission - to keep us all active and feeling our best while juggling all of the days crazy demands. An unconventional idea in a world of zenny teas!

Every Wild Leaf Active Tea is crafted with quality ingredients, straightforward benefits, and delicious flavors. All organic, all sustainably produced, all whole-leaf, all amazingly yummy - that's the key to Wild Leaf's recipe.

Wild Leaf is helping to continue the explosive growth of the specialty tea category - particularly among Millenials and Gen Z, who are shunning sugary sodas and even the commonplace cup of joe for a cuppa delicious tea*. But not your grandma's tea! We are talking delicious blends that are packed with benefits and personality... that's Wild Leaf Active Teas.

Born from a Wild Leaf. Crafted for this Wild Life.


* Approximately four in five consumers drink tea, with Millennials being the most likely (87% of millennials drink tea). Source: Tea Association of the USA 2016-17 Fact Sheet, sourced noted at http://www.teausa.com/14655/tea-fact-sheet; Among people 18-29 coffee is preferred by 34% and tea by 34%. Source: YouGov September 2014 Study (http://cdn.yougov.com/cumulus_uploads/document/4vwl1rhevw/tabs_HP_coffee_20140922.pdf)

Susan Parnell, Founder

Meet the Wild Leaf Bunch

All Wild Leaf varieties are specially crafted to deliver unique benefits in a simple, straightforward way and each is super delicious.

  • HAPPY: Stress and anxiety-busting tulsi and calming chamomile create this bright and flavourful blend designed to help you be in your best mood, no matter what is thrown your way today. Sit back, sip this tea and then get back to making your way through life’s journey.
  • SLIM: Goodbye yo-yo. Hello cocoa! Rev up your metabolism and curb cravings naturally with this full flavored blend of pu-erh and Siberian ginseng deliciously flavored with cocoa nibs, cranberry, and fennel. Dieting has never been our thing, but we love any reason to use the word svelte more.
  • SMART: Channel your inner Einstein with mental stimulating Ginkgo Biloba, Peppermint and Gotu Kola. Whether you need to tackle a job interview, a test or just figure out what’s for dinner, drink this minty flavored tea to bring out the most brilliant you
  • REHAB: Find yourself some 'you time' with rejuvenating Rooibos, Lavendar, Calendula and a hint of coconut. Rehab is like a deep breath, wrapped in a sanctuary, wrapped in a flute song ready to help you and your body bounce back to life’s agenda.
  • CHARGE: Power up with invigorating whole leaf Yerba Mate, Green Tea and Peppermint. KA-POW! Ain’t nobody got time to crash. Win the war on naps with this bold, dark, invigorating tea because we have things to accomplish!
  • DETOX: Let this nourishing blend of Coriander, Mint, Nettles and Lemongrass flush out the bad stuff and knock you back into your senses. This mild, yet charming citrus and mint tea is just what your body ordered. Hey, even the life of the party needs to take a night off now and then.

How are we specially crafted?

  • We select the finest herbs and teas from gardens across the world to make the most self-beneficial tea blends.
  • Unlike many teas that are powder, we use the whole leaves so you get maximum taste and all the powerful benefits
  • Each blend is specially designed by herbalists to provide tasty teas with benefits that keep consumers going strong

What's next from Wild Leaf?

Wild Leaf just got started but we are already innovating. This Fall we will launch our new line of Coffee + Tea Fusions under the sub-brand REBEL Blends. A bold combination of black tea and coffee beans to stimulate your body and mind.

NEW Coffee Tea Fusions. Fall 2017.

Media Information

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Please contact us @ susan@drinkwildleaf.com or 269-203-6444. We look forward to meeting you!

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