Darson Chen Botanical Garden

Normal Name: Kava Plant

Scientific Name: Piper methysticum

Native land are the islands of the South Pacific Ocean

The kava plant is vascular, has seeds, is an angiosperm, and a dicot.

The kava plant hides under other larger plants to stay hidden, they like the shade, more when their babies.

Humans use the Kava plant to soothe the anxiety, help us fall asleep, and as a gesture of welcome in Fiji.






Scientific Name: Strongylodon macrobotrys

Normal Name: Jade Vine

The native land of the the jade vine is the Philippines.

The jade vine is vascular, has seeds, an angiosperm, and a dicot

The jade vine survives near other plants and trees.

The jade vine is used for decorations and medicine.



Normal Name: Curare Plant

Scientific Name: Chondrodendron tomentosum

Natural habitat is the canopy of the South American rainforest.

The plant can climb a long way, and is able to camouflage into the canopy.

The vine of the curare plant can be eaten, but the plant can be toxic and Indians of South America used these poisons tipped arrows to hunt and get food. The food is not poisonous and can be eaten because the poison is not absorbed into the stomach.




Created with images by Kristine Paulus - "New York Botanical Garden" • Scot Nelson - "'Awa (kava, Piper methysticum): Shot hole" • Ryan Somma - "jade vine, Strongylodon macrobotrys, Fabaceae"

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