E.C. Glass SOL News and Information april 2018 Edition

Spring is here! Spring brings our testing season. Everyone buckle up and get ready for the ride.

Project Graduation Teachers needed

We have funds to help with Power-Ups and review sessions for testing retakes. Please consider helping our students.

Study Sessions are important for test preparedness.

We need every single teacher and student on board for this testing season. Everyone is able to help! Keep encouragement high and remind students to do their best on everything that they do. Let's create a very positive environment for our students. During testing remind students to remain quiet in the halls and respect those that are testing. Assist with classroom coverage when needed and use the SOL review link when students have completed other required work.

Events for April
April Testing Schedule

Please review the attached calendar and Testing Roster.

  • April 2-6 - Spring Break
  • April 10-13 - Ms. Barger's Review sessions begin
  • April 14 - Saturday Session @ E.C. Glass Senior Focus
  • April 16-27 - Non-Writing SOL testing for Seniors
  • April 28 - Saturday Session @ E.C. Glass
  • April 30 - End of Course Testing Begins-World Geography
April Testing for Seniors
  • April 16th - Chemistry SOL
  • April 17th - Algebra 1 SOL
  • April 18th - Biology SOL
  • April 19th - Geometry SOL & Chemistry retest
  • April 20th - Earth Science SOL
  • April 23rd - Algebra 2 SOL & Algebra 1 retest
  • April 24th - World History 1 SOL & Biology retest
  • April 25th - World History 2 SOL & Earth Science retest
  • April 26th - U.S. History SOL & World History 1 retest
  • April 27th - Reading SOL
  • April 30 - World Geography SOL for enrolled students & US History Retests for Seniors

Testing procedures for the remainder of the year

All teachers in the building are responsible for reviewing the testing rosters. You will direct your students to their testing location on the day of testing. NO PASSES WILL BE SENT. An announcement will be made on the day of testing to release students to their testing session. Please note that if a power up is being held you will send them to the determined location for that review prior to the test. We need full coorporation in the building during AP and SOL testing. *Substitutes will be issued a paper copy for their 1st period class.

Quiet Halls are Required by the VDOE

  • All halls will remain quiet and teachers will monitor their areas during class changes.
  • Any teacher on duty period will assist with restroom breaks for students and examiners. Students must not speak with you or any other students if they are being escorted for a restroom break. The student must go to the restroom without any other student in the bathroom.
  • Teachers will be expected to keep the testing areas quiet as well during their duty period.

Be prepared to cover a SOL test

If an examiner is unable to give the SOL or AP exam on the day of testing an alternate teacher will be pulled to cover the test. Please be prepared to be used as a back up if this should occur.


Students are expected to bring a fully charged chromebook to their test. Please remind them this is a requirement. We have limited loaners on the day of testing. If an examiner requests a chromebook; it will be issued under their name and should returned with all other testing materials to Mrs. Bucklew in Room E102.

Cell phone use during testing

No cell phones are permitted in testing area by students or examiners. This rule must be followed per the VDOE. Use of a cell phone could disqualify the tests in the room.

Room Prep

Rooms being used for testing must be prepared. Please cover up or remove all instructional posters, flyers, white board writing, and signs. This includes test taking tips.

Testing security agreement

All faculty and staff must complete the attached testing security agreement and place it in my mailbox no later than April 20th.

Print and sign the attached document

Read and review the attached slide show. Follow the instructions on the exit ticket slide.

Make sure you take a break!
May events
  • May 1-12 AP Testing See Calendar
  • May 5th Saturday Session 9-11 @ E.C. Glass
  • May 12th Saturday Session 9-11 @ E.C. Glass
  • May 19th Saturday Session 9-11 @ E.C. Glass
  • May 1-30 May End Of Course SOLs See Calendar
  • May 28th Memorial Day - Teacher and Students do not Attend
Be on the look out for a Special Early Edition for May that will include Examiner Rosters and Student Rosters.
Season for Blooming Minds!
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