Homecoming Season stand out with unique styles

For many students, Homecoming is right around the corner and I am surrounded by the electric energy! Not so fondly, I've also begun to feel the getting-ready stress in the air: hair appointments, nail appointments, dress shopping. Don't fret! I'm bringing you my guide for a stress-free, fashionable rockin' homecoming.

First up: Hair

So many creative hairstyles to chose from yet so hard to decide! If this is you, I'm coming at you with my top tips!

A simple guideline:

  1. If you're going with a strapless dress, balance it out by choosing a half-up/half-down hairstyle or consider some loose curls.
  2. If you've chosen a boat neckline, experiment with a braided hair crown and curling the front pieces so that the hair frames your face while flaunting the simple neckline. Even better, add flowers into the crown if your dress is simple to really make your hair, as well as your face, stand out.
  3. If you chose to go with a halter, my vote would be for a high pony. This will draw attention to the unique style while still staying true to the "less is more" motto.
  4. If you chose an one-shoulder ensemble, consider a side ponytail or braid for the opposite side to maintain balance.

Essentially, balance is key. If you wish to make your dress stand out, go with a simple complimentary hairstyle. If you've chosen a simple dress, you can go all out with hair-styling and accessorizing.

Whatever you choose to do, I challenge you to try something new! Find what fits you best.

braids, braids, braids!

Alright hair is done! Now accessories:

Such a small detail but you better believe accessories make a difference. Similar to choosing hairstyles, it's important to know where and how to make a statement: go overboard and you've taken your look from classy to tacky.

To start with the basics, when looking at jewelry, keep in mind the color of your dress as well as what kind of vibe you'd like to pull off:

  • Layered necklaces are great if your neckline is simple. If you've chosen a statement dress, I would say no necklace and instead go with a¬†cuff bracelet; even consider this money saver by turning your favorite chain necklace into a bracelet by wrapping it around you're wrist a couple times.
  • Dangly earrings or studs? My gauge is this: if your hair is away from your face, go with the statement earrings and vice versa.
  • As for choosing colors, first start with a color palette of some sort. That way, all the colors will compliment.

Just keep in mind that simple statements keep the eyes focused on you. Accessories should enhance your look, not distract from it! Play around with different styles to say what you want to say!

And last but definitely not least: your dress!

Here are a couple of tips and tricks that have saved me in the past:

  1. Shop Early: You would not believe the originality when you look for dresses early. Added bonus, I can almost guarantee the dress will come in your size!
  2. Shop Smartly: Instead of focusing your searches specifically on "homecoming dresses," try browsing party dresses or even casual dresses you could dress up. Plus, if you're worried some else will be wearing the same thing as you, check out local boutique's or even thrift stores! You never know...you may just find the perfect dress.
  3. Don't Shop: I know this sounds very counterproductive to my first two tips but seriously: look in an older sister's closet or even trade dresses with your friends! You could find a style you love without losing a single buck. Besides, reviving old fashion isn't necessarily a bad thing. Retro IS coming back after all

Biggest thing to keep in mind: like anything you wear, make sure it accurately represents YOU. As Orsala De Castro, co-founder of Fashion Revolution, always says, "Clothes are our chosen skin." So whatever you do, go strut it gal!

With that, enjoy a fabulous night & stay tuned for next week!

XOXO, Grace Zhang

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