Pompei, Ravelo & Maiori Italy Day 5 - August 2, 2018

The dawn of day five found us on the move, destination Amalfi. The heat which had been our relentless daytime companion, and seemed a bit more spirited today. Our first stop brought us to Pompeii for a tour of its ancient ruins. Pompeii offered little shade and challenging footing, yet it provided amazing detail around nearly every corner.

The size of the city was impressive - especially with the revelation that another 1/3 of it has yet to be excavated. Our local guide quickly dispelled the impression that ancient Pompeii was buried in Vesuvian lava, but was instead asphyxiated from the toxic combination of noxious gases and ash and debris from the explosive eruption.

The cobblestone streets have visible grooves left from chariot wheels. Can’t help but imagine that Italian driving technicques have a long and storied history.

I loved the patterns and textures created by rock, marble, brick and stone, at a time when measuring and cutting tools were few and far between.

Note that our guide travelled with her own personal shade.

The bath houses - complete with locker spaces and remarkably sophisticated drainage and water systems. Except for that lead pipe part . . .

These relief sculptures served as public fountains are in remarkable shape.

The main square offered incredibly well-preserved detail, and an imposing glimpse at the culprit for its destruction. It stands silently nearby, admiring its nefarious accomplishment, its peak forever blown across this square.

This statue stood watch over the exit, and I was taken by this small and strange detail in the centurion’s “right pocket.” Can you see it?

After our visit, we’ve nothing between us and Amalfi. Well, if “nothing” means a precarious set of hairpins and switchbacks, mixed with creatively aggressive drivers of all manner of motorized vehicles, our Amalfi rendezvous is inevitable.

Amalfi Coast

No road space is too small for these ingeniously impatient drivers to attempt to occupy. Our coach driver presses onward, stoically unfazed by all those around him courting chaos and mayhem in pursuit of a few extra seconds. Even the NYC cabbies have broader limits . . .

Theresa opted for the walking tour of Ravelo, overlooking Amalfi. The architecture pays homage to its multi-continental influences. The influence of Moorish style architecture is ever-present.

The views looking down upon Amalfi are breathtaking.

Our new found friend Carol, a frequent Amalfi visitor, led the way to more incredible views from Villa Cimbrone.

Villa Cimbrone offered breathtaking views and sculptures.

Our evening meal venue the first night, which we shared with a precious few locals. This truly was coastal dining. Sorry, Cardiff-by-the-Sea folk.

A truly unique dining experience.

We delude ourselves that the post-dinner walk upstairs helped walk off the the extravagance of dinner. We arrived home in time to crash and dream of all that Positano will reveal tomorrow.

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Theresa Jackson

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