Magnifier ----------located on APL's second level, north-west of the public computers---------- (please scroll down for instructions)

The magnifier consists of the display screen, the bed where you place your document, and the controls on the front of the bed.

The control pad has basic buttons for turning it On and Off; Zooming In and Out; Playing content which is read to you through the headphones; Returning to the regular display; and going into and out of the Settings menu.

There is also a large Track Pad in the middle that lets you move the display to view more content.

When you first turn it on, a blue rectangle shows up at the bottom of the screen.

Drag your finger across the trackpad so it highlights the portion that you want to magnify/have read to you.

Press the PLAY button to have the content read out loud (headphones are plugged in to the device).

There's a slight delay while it works on the image. In some cases, after the blue circle disappears you may need to move the box back over the section you want and click PLAY a second time. This usually occurs the first time you turn on the device and choose the PLAY option.

After hitting PLAY, the words will be reproduced on the screen in large type as it reads to you.

Click the button that looks like a browser refresh icon to return to the regular display.

Instead of having it read to you, you can Zoom In to view a magnified version of the original document.

Here's the magnified version of the original, displaying the content inside the blue rectangle.

...and here's the actual, original document on the document bed.

Turn off the Power when you are done.

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