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Friday, 6 December 2019

Classrooms of the Future

Headmistress's Introduction

Monday morning was one of great excitement in the Junior School, and not only because Year 3 were to lead us in our super St Andrew’s Day celebrations - their demonstration of the Dashing White Sergeant certainly had everyone’s toes tapping!

Year 3 got everyone into the spirit of St Andrew's Day.

Almost as much of a buzz was created by the new ‘Clevertouch’ screens, which had been installed, as if by Christmas elves, in all the Year 1-7 classrooms over the course of last weekend.

This leap forward in interactive classroom technology was met with ‘ooohs’ and ‘ahhhs’ all round. The sense of excitement amongst the teachers about their new Google screens was palpable, and we are most impressed with these latest gadgets, which will have a hugely positive impact on the teaching and learning experience for our children.

This triggered a trip down memory lane. When I qualified as a teacher, nearly 18 years ago, I started out on a chalkboard, before progressing and moving with technology through a white board, smart board, E-beam and now Google. So much has moved on in less than two decades, and what we have in the Junior School now is the very latest in classroom technology. The Senior School will follow suit, with Clevertouch units set to be installed across the board when term ends, ready for use when pupils and staff return in January.

This week, our Year 6 classes have hosted ‘Museums’ on this very subject, looking at the journey of the television, computer and mobile phones, to name but a few devices we take for granted today. I do hope that many of you were able to visit the Year 6 Museum, and that you learned something from their excellent displays of inquiry-led research.

Technology was also the focus at the Year 6 Museum.

This, in turn, posed the ethical argument of sustainability and our instinctive desire to have the latest iPhone, tablet or Smart TV. The global footprint and impact that one product can have on our environment has been the subject of great debate amongst Year 6, who presented so eloquently on their findings. If you have any questions, please just ask them!

Julianne Pennycook

Spotlight On

Nativity Time

The Lower School Nativity was a great success - well done to all.

NATIVITY TIME | The only thing on anybody’s mind this week in the Lower School has been the Nativity. Led by the amazing team of Mrs Stewart and Mrs Shiells, and assisted by the Lower School Team, the children have performed to three packed crowds – fellow pupils, children from local nurseries, and today our parents, families and friends.

It will never cease to amaze me how children have such an ability to rise to the occasion, and how well they can sing and perform as a group even from such a young age. It has been a privilege for us all to be involved in this heart-warming, tear inducing production of ‘The Inn Crowd’.

In the classroom, Year 1 have been using their wider creative talents to draw their favourite parts from the play, and we have enjoyed admiring their colourful Nativity scenes.

Year 1's favourite Nativity scenes.

Taking a break from lights, lines and costumes, the Year 1 children also engaged in some non-festive cosmic yoga this week, which was fabulous fun.

Have a glorious weekend and do enjoy the Christmas Fair tomorrow.

Miss Boissiere, Year 1 Class Teacher and Lower School Coordinator

St Andrew's Day Assembly

Year 3 led Monday's St Andrew's Day Assembly.

ST ANDREW'S DAY ASSEMBLY | Monday morning was made extra special by Year 3’s St Andrew’s Day Assembly, which started with an explanation of who St Andrew is. It was interesting to learn that St Andrew is not only patron saint of Scotland, but of a number of other countries too!

Everyone then enjoyed a few rounds of the Dashing White Sergeant, which the boys and girls have been busy practising in St Katharines Hall, with the help of Mr Baxter.

A huge well done to all in Year 3!

Rugby Results

The U12s were victorious in their final match of the season.

RUGBY RESULTS | The U12 rugby team played their last match of the season this week, going out on a high with a superb 15-9 victory at home against Lathallan. Well done to all the boys for their hard work, progress and wins on the rugby pitch this term!

Year 6 Museum

Year 6 presented their research into technology.

YEAR 6 MUSEUM | As part of their Unit of Inquiry into inventions, the Year 6 classes have been researching different appliances and their impact on peoples' lives and the environment.

Their Museum was an opportunity to share their learning and fantastic models with parents and the rest of the Junior School. What a wonderful team effort from all of Year 6!

Miss Cormack, Year 6 Class Teacher

Swimming Stars

Our swimming teams beat Lathallan in the pool.

SWIMMING STARS | Our Junior School girls competed against Lathallan in the swimming pool on Wednesday, resulting in wins for the U9s, U10s and U13s. We have had some brilliant results in swimming during Autumn Term – long may the successes continue!

Year 3 Festive Fun

The Year 3 classroom has been busy with little elves.

YEAR 3 FESTIVE FUN | This week, Year 3 have been busy in between Nativity performances with festive activities, calendars, cards, wreaths and paper chains. The classroom has transformed into a little Santa’s workshop!

Mrs Beebee, Year 3 Class Teacher

Years 4-7 Informal Concert

This week's Informal Concert had a Christmas twist.

YEARS 4-7 INFORMAL CONCERT | Years 4-7 put on a fabulous Informal Concert performance on Thursday morning, complete with tinsel, reindeer headbands and Christmas jumpers to get everyone into the spirit of Christmas.

We enjoyed Bond themes, festive tunes, pop music, classical and more, including the Boys' Choir singing 'Believer' by Imagine Dragons.

The performance ended with Year 7 singing along with Mariah Carey to ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ (thank you to those in the audience who joined in!). We hope you enjoy it at home!

Christmas Fair Countdown

Year 4 have been preparing for their stall at tomorrow's Christmas Fair.

CHRISTMAS FAIR COUNTDOWN | Year 4 have been hard at work, cutting, designing, sewing and sticking a variety of attractive items for their stall at tomorrow’s Christmas Fair. This is the end point of their current Unit of Inquiry on 'Products and Processes', giving them a genuine opportunity to see their market and to interact with real customers.

Their 'action' will be passing on the profits raised towards the charity of the year, the Multiple Sclerosis Trust, about which Year 4 group led an assembly earlier in the Autumn Term.

Thank you to all the 'elves' for their support throughout this business project.

Mrs McKimmon, Year 4 Class Teacher

Fife Swimming Champion

Emmy at the Fife Swimming Championships.

FIFE SWIMMING CHAMPION | Congratulations to Emmy (Year 7), who had an amazing day today at the Fife Swimming Championships last weekend, making every single final and finishing as the new Fife Breaststroke Champion in the age 11-12 category.

The full tally of Emmy’s awards included Gold Breaststroke; Silver Individual Medley; Bronze Freestyle; Bronze Backstroke; and fourth in Butterfly. Well done Emmy!

Celebration Assembly

Congratulations to the following pupils, who received certificates at Celebration Assembly on Monday morning:

Abdulla who was Year 2 Pupil of the Week for excellent concentration in the class' Maths and literacy focus inquiry.

Julius for being a great sport when dressing up as an explorer during the Discovery trip.

Rory for being a great sport when dressing up as an explorer during the Discovery trip.

Clara received a Spirit of St Leonards Award for offering to help a teacher without being asked, when game pieces had gone missing during after-school club.

Michelle was Year 2 Pupil of the Week for taking the lead in planning and delivering a fun and informative lesson on Hanukkah in Year 2.

Bertie was Year 1 Pupil of the Week for displaying real focus and determination in all lessons. He has been concentrating and doing his best at all times, is always kind to friends and has been a real all-rounder this week.

Annie was Year 3 Pupil of the Week for a huge change in attitude to behaviour and work - fabulous!

Emily for always being willing to help and reminding the teacher of things that are upcoming. She is very dependable!

Archie for working quietly and conscientiously and making the most of learning opportunities.

Mia for displaying kindness and empathy towards a class member in distress and taking positive action to re-establish friendly relationships.

Bella for displaying kindness and empathy towards a class member in distress and taking positive action to re-establish friendly relationships.

Cara received a number of spectacular trophies for swimming at the weekend, as well as a Commendation for continuing to maintain her very high standards in all school work.

Jennifer was awarded two bronze medals following a swimming competition at the weekend.

Abbie was presented with trophies and medals following swimming successes last weekend.

Lana was presented with three medals for trampolining (including a personal best!) during Celebration Assembly, as well as a Spirit of St Leonards award for a random act of kindness.

Ben for his much-improved effort and showing a positive and more conscientious attitude to his learning.

Charlie was the champion of the St Leonards Minis Golf Programme this term - well done Charlie!

Evie for being a great sport when dressing up as an explorer during the Discovery trip.

Allegra for being a great sport when dressing up as an explorer during the Discovery trip.


We wish the following pupils a very...

Harry, Rachel and Emil. Have a fabulous day!

Diary Dates

Woodland Club

Chris Childe will be running camps at Cambo in the new year.

WOODLAND CAMP | Please see above information regarding a January Woodland Camp at Cambo Estate, which may be of interest to our families.