Is Technology Good or Bad? realize the unimagined

Technology is something we all use and is something we use on a daily basis. But do we know if we are using technology to our own benefit or to our advantage that can start affecting our daily lives? Many people don’t realize but technology affects many people and puts them into danger. But we might not realize this since we are too distracted in our devices every day. But sometimes technology can be used used for very useful reasons. When one uses technology they either have the choice to use that device for a certain good, or use it to their advantage which can result into a problem..

Technology can be used in many ways, it can either be for fitness, games, health, and work. But why is it technology seen as bad?
advances do. As Technology who use. And use.

Many people decide to use technology in their everyday lives and because of this, this can cause distractions which can then cause accidents to happen. like for example google glass is a distraction for people as it is on your eyes, distracting you from your daily life.

Technology can distract teens while driving, one look away from the road can puts other peoples lives at risk!
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One can prevent all of this by doing the following...

1. Use technology wisely

2. Before buying think to yourself, "Do I really need this".

3. Think to yourself, "What will I benefit from by doing this/Using this".

4. Become aware of your surroundings when using technology as it can keep you distracted from the real world!

5. Set yourself a time limit on using technology

6. Try doing things without the help of technology (This will help you stop daily habits with devices)

Following these steps can help prevent you from becoming hypnotized into the cyber world and will reduce the risk of putting your life in danger.


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