Field Clean-up A quick guide to where things go after each session

It seems that just like our work space at home, the field can get a bit cluttered at times. In order to run efficiently and work at our top level, we need to have a clean, organized work space. Everything has a place and every place has a thing. Plus, it helps when you know exactly where things are.

The first item on this list is the soccer balls. As pictured below, we want the soccer balls to be contained within the net baskets and not overflowing onto the field or into the goals. This will provide a secure place for the balls to be held and a specific location for them to be found.

Ball Guide:

  • Size 5 balls
Size 5 soccer balls

These size 5 balls go in one of two places. First, the balls can go into the left end of the netting on Field B. Otherwise, they go into the left end of the netting on Field A. These two locations were chosen because Junior and Senior Academy sessions are held on both fields and this arrangement provides a consistent location (left end) to find the size 5's.

  • Size 4 balls
Size 4 soccer balls

These size 4 balls go into the two right baskets of netting on Field B. This is because Youth Academy sessions are usually held on Field B, so it is the ideal location to host them. For organizations sake, the black and white striped balls go into the garage side basket and the older, light blue and white balls go into the bench side basket.

How the size 4 corner should look
  • Futsal
Futsal balls

The second item on our list is cones. Cones are great tools for instruction and can be best utilized when organized by color, because it gives a visual cue to a student of what you are attempting to coach. There is a pole for each type of cone and a place for each type of cone.

Cone Guide:

  • Big-tall-disk cones
The three colors of big-tall-disk cones
  • Small-flat-disk cones
The nine colors of Small-flat-disk cones
  • Small-tall-traffic cones
The three colors of Small-tall-traffic cones
  • Coaching sticks
The five main colors of coaching sticks

Pennies guide:

  • Colors
The five colors of pennies
  • Location
  • Excess pennies
All of the pennies separated by color on the rack

Resistance Bands guide:

  • Types
The three types of resistance bands increasing in strength from left to right (Red, Black and Purple)
  • Location
the resistance bands in their place

Hurdles guide:

  • Types
The two types of hurdles, tall(yellow) and short(orange)
  • Location
The hurdles hanging on the racks

Ladders guide:

One folded and one unfolded ladder
  • Location
a ladder folded in its place

There will be small cuts of tubing on the ends of the the ball containers to store the ladders. Simply fold the ladder into a stack like the ladder to the left pictured above and place it inside of the tube.

PUG Goal guide:

One folded and one unfolded PUG goal
  • Location
  • How to store

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