Fairfield Middle School April 2017 NEWSLETTER

FMS Book Fair!

FMS Book Fair - April 10 - April 14

The Fairfield Middle School will host a Scholastic “Buy-One-Get-One-Free” Book Fair April 10 - April 14 in room 102. When students purchase a book, they get another book (equal value or less) FREE! Throughout the week, all FMS students will have the opportunity to visit the book fair during reading or GOAL class. The Book Fair is also open each day before and after school for students and community members.

FMS is participating in the "One for Books" program during the book fair. Students and parents can donate loose change and bills to help raise money for the school library. Money raised will not only benefit our library but will benefit national organizations such as Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, Kids in Distressed Situations and the National Center for Family Literacy. Scholastic will match all money raised here for the national organizations.

Parents can contribute books to classroom libraries too. A bookplate will be added to the inside front cover of every book donated to a classroom. Don't miss this chance to light up a reader’s face with a good book! And remember, all purchases are “Buy One, Get One Free”!!!

See you at the Book Fair! For more information contact Dee Ann Lantz, FMS Librarian at 472-5019.

FMS Track Season Is Here!

FMS Track Season Is Here!

Ron Hunerdosse and Rachael Aplara will coach the girls. They started practice on Thursday, March 16, and the coaches expect a good turnout for the team. Their first meet is at Mt. Pleasant on Tuesday, April 4. On Monday, April 24 the girls will be at home.

Matt Schenck and Justin Copeland coach the boys, and they start practice Monday, March 20. Their first meet is in Mt. Pleasant on April 7. Their home meet is Tuesday, May 2.

Safety First!

REMINDER: PLEASE help us make FMS a SAFE place to pick up / drop off your child.

Always pick up your child next to the curb on the RIGHT HAND SIDE.


Service Club by Mrs. Taglauer

Service Club has the next 3 months staff surprises confirmed by FMS PTO. “You blow me away” will be the March 20th theme. Blow pop suckers and bubbles will show how grateful we are for our awesome staff. The Club will also be working on a pin project for Mrs. Kinder.

We began working on the new window display and with no school Monday the 13 it will take awhile to complete.

“You are my Sunshine”, “Good morning Sunshine”, “Sunrise Sunset”, are the themes for our music themed window. Bright colored music notes, complete with song lyrics fill in the gaps between windows and columns. Students learned to use crayon on the back of the sheets of letters to mark like carbon paper. This activity seemed new to many.

The play is over so we expect a large number of club members who do not move on to track to return. “Many hands make light work,” I always say.

Spring trips are being planned. Permission slips will go out with 8 students traveling each time. The rest of the club will not meet at the school on those days. Please contact Cheri T with any questions – cheri.taglauer@fairfieldsfuture.org

Service Club Decorations

Archery Club By Janice Kaufman and Cory Klehm

Archery Club

Archery club in association with NASP (National Archery in Schools Program) began in December at FMS. Students in 7th, 8th, and high school have been shooting on Tuesday nights from 6:45-7:45 weekly. There have been roughly 30 students participating in this opportunity. Archery club will continue through the month of February. Students in 6th grade will begin archery in PE classes starting soon. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity or willing to help (parents) please feel free to contact Mrs. Janice Kaufman, Mrs. Nancy Diers, or Mr. Cory Klehm at 641-472-5019. If you would like to find out more about NASP please see http://naspschools.org/.

Archery Club Members

Family And Consumer Science (FACS) - By Katelyn Edwards

In Family and Consumer Sciences we have been trying new technology. We have been playing Quizlet live where the program sorts the class into teams and they have to work together to get the correct answer. We have been using this as a review game and have gotten great feedback! It holds members accountable and keeps them all interacting. I switch groups every round and I have heard about a group of boys getting together and playing it at home.

We are also currently studying about the history of Ramen Noodles and the kids have been researching on making their own recipes representing different cultures. We plan to test out some of these recipes when the unit comes to an end.

Pop Tabs and Box Tops - By Lisa Greenig

Pop Tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.

FMS students and staff save pop tabs from cans. They are weighed and then put into the round container outside the office. When the container is full the tabs are given to our local McDonalds. The tabs then are redeemed for scrap aluminum. The money from the tabs is used to support the Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City.

Congrats to Mrs. Klehm's homeroom for winning 2nd quarter pop tab collections.

They turned in an average 250 grams per student for the quarter.

Ms. Chapman's class was a close second with an average of 243.82 grams per student.

The winning class gets a catered lunch from McDonalds for their prize.

Third quarter is almost over. Who will win the lunch? Stay tuned to find out.

Keep collecting those pop tabs. Together we can make a huge difference in the lives of others.

Box Tops:

Did you know every box top turned in is worth ten cents CASH for our school?

Did you know there is a box top app for your smart phone?? Check it out in your app store. There are special product purchases, that change monthly, in which you can earn five or more bonus box tops. This is another easy way to support your school.

So far this year we have turned in $196.20.

Since 2012, our lifetime earnings have added up to $3494.06!

Please ask your neighbors, friends, and family to save their box tops. As you can see, they do add up to quite a bit of money for our school. Remember, box tops must be trimmed on the dotted line. Throw away expired box tops. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact lisa.greenig@fairfieldsfuture.org

Student Council - By Angela Jones

FMS Student Council

FMS Student Council has joined forces with Mrs. DeManuele-Kinder's class for the "Friday Treat Stand." They will be selling ice cream bars and beef sticks during lunch on Fridays. This will be an awesome opportunity to build friendships, social skills, math skills, and ability awareness! Treats range in price from 50 cents to 1 dollar. All profits will go towards end of the year field trips for FMS students.

Jump Rope for Heart at Fairfield Middle School a Success! - By Nancy Diers

On Tuesday, March 7th, the 6-8th graders at Fairfield Middle School participated in Jump Rope for Heart from 3:35-5:00 p.m. and the 5th grade participated in their physical education classes from February 4-24th. The students raised a grand total of $ 4120.25 for the American Heart Association, which funds research, programs and education to fight heart disease and stroke, our nation’s number one and number four killers.

“We were so pleased with the success of this year’s event. We all had a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed learning about the importance of physical activity and how they can play a role in saving lives.” Said Nancy Diers and Jerrod Belzer.

Our top fundraisers for 5th grade were the following students: $2988.00

5th grader- Tim Winland- $1176.00

5th grader- Spencer Vaughn- $357.00

5th grader- Mazie Zimmer- $170.00

5th grader- Alex McDow- $125.00

5th grader- Hannah Applegate- $110.00

5th grader- Antonio Manning- $106.00

5th grader- Sterling Spees- $100.00

Our top fundraisers for 6th-8th grade were the following students: $1132.25

8th grader- Willow Welcher- $111.25

6th grader- Emmajen McKim- $105.00

6th grader- Kaelyn Whitham-$100.00

6th grader- Anais Rivera- $87.00

8th grader- Daphne Gunderson- $82.00

6th grader- Macy Rayburn-$75.00

8th grader- Hayley Spanier-$60.00

Jump Rope for Heart is a program that promotes physical activity and heart health through jumping rope. It is co-sponsored by the American Heart Association and SHAPE America-Society of Health and Physical Education.

The Fairfield Middle School students will be playing “Hoops for Heart”, a 3 on 3 basketball tournament on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 from 3:35-5:35 p.m. at the Middle School gym. Once again, all donations will be given to the American Heart Association. To make a donation or contribution to the “Hoops for Heart” event, contact the Fairfield Middle School and ask for Mrs. Diers or Mr. Belzer at 641-472-5019.

Hoops for Heart at Fairfield Middle School a Success!

By Nancy Diers

On Tuesday, March 14th, fifty-eight (58) 6-8th graders at Fairfield Middle School participated in Hoops for Heart from 3:35-5:35 p.m. The students raised $1730.05 for the American Heart Association, which funds research, programs and education to fight heart disease and stroke, our nation’s number one and number four killers.

“We were so pleased with the success of this year’s event and the number of teams that participated. There was great competition, sportsmanship, and a lot of fun during the 2-hour activity. The kids enjoyed playing against each other, learning about the importance of physical activity and how they can play a role in saving lives.” Said Nancy Diers and Jerrod Belzer.

Our top fundraisers were the following students:

6th grader- Kaelyn Whitham $115.00

6th grader- Elizabeth Hootman $100.00

7th grader- Carter Harkins $ 90.00

8th grader- Cohyn Roach $ 90.00

8th grader- Blake Holden $ 85.00

8th grader- Anna Westphal $ 60.00

8th grader- Trisha Westphal $ 60.00

6th grader- Whitney Estle $ 55.00

8th grader- Jon Estle $ 55.00

7th grader- Connor Lyons $ 55.00

6th grader- Gavin Van Veen $ 50.00

6th grader-Nile Christensen $ 50.00

The Hoops for Heart program promotes physical activity and heart health through playing basketball. The Fairfield Middle School students play a 3-on-3 round robin tournament. It is co-sponsored by the American Heart Association and SHAPE America-Society of Health and Physical Education.

The Fairfield Middle school students (5-8th grade) raised a grand total of $ 5850.30 with the three events of Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart. All proceed go the American Heart Association.

Hoops For Heart Action

1st Annual Health and Resource Fair Held at FMS! By Jay Thompson

The first ever FMS Health and Resource Fair was held on Friday, March 10th from 5 to 7:30 p.m. The completely free event featured 47 agencies and businesses that were focused on supporting parents and students in many areas of their lives. This included agencies and businesses focused on mental and physical health, entertainment, education, and safety. The families were fed a tasty meal of a pulled pork sandwich, baked beans, and fresh fruit and vegetables. Parent sessions were offered for parents to learn more about their pre-teens and teens in the areas of mental health, substance abuse, parenting, and cyber safety. The kids enjoyed many activities in the gym, art, band, and music rooms. Some great door prizes were also awarded during the event. Overall, it is estimated that approximately 250-275 people participated in the fair. We are evaluating the fair and look forward to consideration of doing it again next year.

Young Writers’ Conference By Ann Gookin

On March 7th and 8th, thirty-five Fairfield Middle School students had the opportunity to attend the Young Writers’ Conference on the campus of William Penn University in Oskaloosa. Students shared their personal writing in small groups, heard from a published author, and participated in a variety of workshops. The young writers listened to keynote speaker, Sarah Prineas, author of The Magic Thief series and had an opportunity to ask her questions and get her autograph. Students attended two workshop sessions of their choice from topics ranging from calligraphy, puppetry, performing improv, and dancing, to newspaper writing. It was a great learning experience!

Ready to Roll!

Cell Phone Safety Tips!

Family Internet Safety Pledge

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