Matthew Ashby, The Sucessful Carter by: Miller Harris


Bone Needles

These bone needles in this picture are made out of bones from animals like deer. These bone needles were developed and used by the Powhatan native Americans. Even though most needles are usually used to sew cloth and leather together, these needles primarily help weave baskets together.

Outside Exhibit

This reenactment of the Jamestown settlement shows a house that would most likely belong to someone like govener of the settlement would live since most people would have houses that were much smaller. As you can see, in front of the house is a chest plate and a helpmate that a colonists would wear. Since all men and boys living in the Jamestown settlement double as soldiers, that armer would've been worn by colonists every day so that they would get used to the feel of the armer.


The Cabinet Maker's Shop

This is a picture of the ware room where the cabinet makers display their work.

The desk where the cabinet makers would ask me what I am looking for and draw what I want.

Part of the workshop where the cabinet makers can work.

As an upper-middle class-man, I buy most of my furniture at the Cabinet Maker's Shop. I love this particular shop since it has the meticulously crafted wood, the satisfying smell of wood shavings, the backwards and forwards motion of the saws that you can hear throughout the shop makes the craftsmen sound even more skilled, and the feel of the smooth mahogany that I know is very expensive. I specifically like the way that you order, you sit at the desk and go over what up want with a cabinet maker and they make exactly what you want.

The Randolph House

The outside of the Randolph House

Mr. Randolph's home office

The desk and cabinets in Mrs. Randolph's office

I have seen the Randolph House from a distance, but because of my race, I am never allowed to go inside of the beautiful peice of property. I have had the wonderful opportunity to see parts of the magnificent house through a window. My favorite part of the house is Mrs. Randolph's desk in her office. I have seen the expensive smooth woods and fine crafted desk and drawers before but from what I have seen from outside, it is focal point of the room. I have only seen so many rooms from outside the house and of course I cannot see rooms on second floor, but from all the rooms I have seen, Mr. Randolph's office stands out the most to me. The mahogany bookcases that I rarely can look into since that books are covered by green fabric matches the desk in the center desk. The layout and the woods in the rooms makes me want t o hop strait into the room myself.

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