Reese's Cup, Roku, and Rishi (tiger family)

This is Reese's Cup. He is a very friendly tiger and plays with his cubs all the time, and one time he tried to scratch a girl named Amanda in the eyeball, but she wouldn't leave him alone.

These are his cubs Roku (right) and Rishi (left), they love to play in the water and can entertain themselves for hours.

One day all three of them decided to go on a walk, but since Roku was the youngest brother he thought he could never please his father and he kept saying to himself "to thine own self be true" and everything ended up working out and he was the leader of this streak.
Created By
Mikala Adams


Created with images by winterseitler - "tiger telephoto lens predator" • Joachim_Marian_Winkler - "tiger siberian tiger cat" • angela n. - "Tiger"

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