College Athlete Compensation By: bobby Hofmann

For most colleges they are represented by their sports teams. The athletes that make up the team work hard to represent their team day in and day out. Their hard work on the field is going unnoticed, maintaining good grades and playing a sport is very hard. To compensate for their work and dedication even giving some of the millions of dollars universities make off of the collegiate athletes would be fair. Colleges are being represented by these athletes and they're not giving any of the revenue to them. Athletes are being paid all around the world so it only seems sensible for student athletes be paid as well. The common argument against this states that these students are only amateurs, and should not be paid until and if they make it to the pros.

The NCAA hosts a basketball tournament that lasts all of march and makes an absurd amount of money

Reggie Bush earning a Heisman trophy on this team but had to return it when the league found out he was bribed to play here.


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