Aphrodite and Polyphemus

Polyphemus's mother- Thoosa (sea nymph) Polyphemus's father - Poseidon ( Greek god)

Polyphemus is a man eating Greek cyclops that gets fooled and blinded by odysseus. Polyphemus is very tall and ugly, he is very strong and brutal. He has one eye , and is about 15ft tall and normally holds a club. Polyphemus is a challenge for Odysseus to conquer on his voyage home.

The father/ mother of Aphrodite- Uranus

Aphrodite is the goddess of love beauty and sexuality the role she plays in homers Iliad is she is one of the three goddesses that were tempting Paris with three different things the thing that Aphrodite was tempting Paris with was the love of Hellen she ended up winning the favor of Paris and she gave him the love of Hellen which started the Trojan war

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