Tiny Humans by kristi lee

Having a baby (or as I like to call them, tiny human) is a such a fun and exciting time! It doesn't matter if this baby is your first, second or even your fifth, welcoming a baby always creates joy. There is so much time that passes between purchasing maternity clothes to picking out your baby’s first birthday cake. This time goes by very fast and no one wants to forget about it. You will want to remember every moment of the first year of your tiny human’s life. You want to see them on your walls or in an album in your home. This is where I come into the picture. I would love to help you document and remember those special milestones. This can be done from the time of maternity to when your baby turns one-year-old. My job as a photographer is to capture all of these moments and turn the photos into something that you can look at your wall or pull at your album and treasure forever. I can't wait to create some gorgeous pieces for you!
Capture your babies first year. From Maternity to 1 year.
Schedule your maternity session for 33-36 weeks pregnant

I know that the maternity session can be a bit intimidating. As women, we don't love seeing ourselves in pictures, let alone when we've gained weight and have a baby belly. I promise that you won't regret this session. Your body is doing an amazing thing and it's such a miracle. You will have images to look back on and remember this special time.

After your baby is born, you will contact me to get your session scheduled. Tiny humans are so unpredictable that I don't usually pick dates before they are born. We will find a time for you to come to the studio while your tiny human is 7-14 days old. This is the time when I find them the squishiest, curliest and most settled.After you contact me, we will find a time for you to come to the studio for your session and then you will come back to the studio for your order session. More details below about the order session and how it works and why.
These are some of my favorite sessions. Your baby is getting older and making all sorts of darling faces. This session takes place in the studio and is usually about a half hour long.
It seems like your baby will never be one, but this milestone comes so quickly! Like the 6 month session, this session takes place in the studio and is usually about a half hour long.
After your newborn session, you'll come back into the studio for your order session. This is a time to pick out what you want your images to be. Are you wanting a wall gallery? One larger image in the nursery? Maybe you don't have wall space and you need an album. My order session makes this process so easy and you'll be excited that you get to view your images in your home forever. 6 month and 1 year milestone sessions include 15 digital images and no order session happens after those sessions.
, Session Fee includes a 3-4 hour session with images of babies and family. All products and digitals sold separately.


(maternity, 6 month, 1 year) Session fee includes a 30 minute session and 15 digital images


You may have noticed that after the newborn session you will come in for an order session. Why not just include the digitals? I'm glad you asked. I started my business back in 2007. I've been involved in photography and the digital world since 2003. My very first images that I ever shot as I was learning photography is stuck on a zip drive. You may not even know what that is. My point exactly. Now, in 2017, I have images on zip drives, CDs, USB's and all have become almost inaccessible. I believe that it's a disservice to my clients to simply give the digitals over and say good luck... figure out what to do with them. So my service doesn't end at the session. The order session is the best way to turn your images into art in your home. Let us show you what looks best and help you decide if you need the 16x24 or the 20x30. We have technology that takes all of the guess work out of. You can purchase digital negatives on top of your wall art. Most clients choose 3-5 images for digitals for different purposes like print gift prints for friends and family. I know you are thinking that you love all the images and you want to see them ALL. You can! With every wall art purchase, clients receive their own personalized app. You can view your images, share your images, email your images and enjoy then for years to come. It's my goal to start preserving our memories so that we can pass them down to our kids and grandkids rather then pass down a rusty USB that no computer can read anymore.

You can't deny the beauty of a room when it's covered in memories of your life. In my home, I relive different stages as I walk through different rooms. On our fireplace, I remember life before we had our tiny human and we were so young (and skinny! ha!). On a shelf close, an image of him premature, reminding me of what a miracle he is. As I walk by the stairs, I see our tiny human touching his feet when he was 6 months. Then I go to sit in our living room and the canvases on the walls and on shelves are so special since they were our first family pictures as a family of THREE. I am never tempted to walk up and down the aisle of wall decorations that someone I don't know painted or has some random picture on it to put in my home. That wall space is sacred. My home has become a celebration of our life and memories.

Email me at hello@kristi-lee.com

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