Drawing is Freedom p7-10 ''Drawing is freedom''

Hi, I'm Brianna! And drawing is my 2nd hobby. I like drawing so much because you can draw anything you want, any way that you want, with any tool that you want. When someone draws they can express their thoughts and be free to express it as much as they want to. When I watch someone draw or look at pieces others have drawn, I feel like they have expressed their thought and feeling into these beautiful pictures. Those pictures can help the observer understand what the author of it was thinking or feeling, but not completely for some. Love, for example, is easy to express in a piece of art, but not so easy to understand. Drawing is Freedom, as I say.

Above you can see a few works of art that I have drawn. All of these drawings are free handed and express either what I was thinking about or feelings at that point in time.

My logo was created with Adobe Illustrator. It represents the freedom of drawing, or at least the freedom that I feel when I draw. I feel freedom while drawing because I can draw almost anything I want to and I can choose my colors, and don't have to do what others would like me to do. I made my flyer using Adobe InDesign, and it tells and shows that drawing is used for many things. Drawing is actually used in therapy for mental patients and others with psychological problems to show their feelings. This is useful if someone does not know how to say them out loud. Drawing is also used as a stress reliever to get out all of your thoughts if you need to tell someone something or talk to someone but can't get started. Drawing your feeling out to show them starts the process.

Basically drawing is something everyone can do. You don't have to be good at it to do it. You can even just draw stick figures telling a story, or showing a story for this. I've seen a famous artist's work in a museum and in one of his drawings he drew a stick figure. It was beautiful because it had a story behind that specific work of art. So if you want to tell a story and can't say it, start drawing. If you want to teach a lesson but it's a complicated to teach, make a drawing to go along with it. If you have feelings about something/someone then draw it out. If it's either hard to explain or you think it would be hard for someone to understand, start drawing. As I said above, "Drawing is Freedom!!!"


Photo Creds to me and Drawings are all pieces ive drawn

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