Heidi Ganahl the top dog of doggy daycare

The business that defines Heidi Ganahl as an entrepreneur is Camp Bow Wow. It is based in Denver and functions as a long-term and daycare facility for dogs. Camp Bow Wow has 200 franchises in the United States and Canada.

Ganahl worked within an existing business. She wanted to elevate dog care in giving it a camp theme and making it fun and upscale. She began brainstorming how to create this premier provider of safe and individualized care at an early age with her first husband, Bion. In 1994, they formed a business strategy after struggling to find a pet care service for their dogs. After her husband passed away a few months later, Ganahl worked tirelessly to make the dream they shared a reality. After making a few futile investments, she used the remainder of her settlement to open the first Camp Bow Wow in Colorado.

To define her business, Ganahl improved the pet care process. She realized, through her own experience searching for a dog care provider, that interactive institutions with regular exercise and separation anxiety catering are hard to come by. She identified the population trend of those living in Denver as active and their dogs share in this dynamic lifestyle. Owners desired that their pets continued to engage in exercise while they are out of town. Ganahl addressed this dilemma.

The biggest challenge Ganahl faced as an entrepreneur was not being well capitalized. When asked about this struggle, she stated that, if she were to do it over again, she would start with three times as much cash and be more cautious about hiring family and friends.

The advantage that Ganahl gained from being an entrepreneur in her specific field is she is able to serve on a number of boards, such as Mom's Fight Back. She is able to devote her time to other causes because she can control her schedule. She also dedicates much of her time to the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation, which provides urgent medical care funds to dogs who are either homeless or whose owners cannot afford to pay for veterinary care.

Ganahl's company has provided franchise opportunities to 160 individuals, and, in the spirit of its mission, improved the lives of dogs by giving them quality daycare and overnight stays, and their owners by providing them with peace of mind knowing their dogs are safe and well-cared for.

Ganahl's leadership has provided inspiration to the 160 franchisees who are continuing the mission of providing quality care for dogs across the United States. Many of them would not have pursued their own business without her franchise opportunity.

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