The Hunted By Matt de la pena


The genre of this story is adventure and suspense due to the openness and tension left through in the book. The setting is mostly in the east deserts of California after a huge earthquake hit.The theme is about some teenagers who's parents died in the earthquake and they learn friendship and teamwork will help them survive.

Author Bio

Matthew de la Pena is an American writer of children's books who specializes in novels for young adults. He is of mexican and caucasian parents who is from southern california.

Plot Summary

The book is about some teenagers that are stranded in the desert and being hunted by some company who made a machine that can cause earthquakes and the teens are the only people to know about it.

Character Description

The main character is a young latino boy named Shy he's short,thin,and has black hair. He is a good leader, cares for everyone, and is very intelligent.

Main Conflict

The main conflict is about a evil cooperation who made a machine that makes earthquakes so they can buy the destroyed land.


The theme of this story is that friendship and teamwork are key to surviving

Primary Conflict

The primary conflict is the evil company is hunting them down and have to either hide or attack.

Book Evaluation

This book is a sequel to the living and I loved that book. This book is a close second to that book though it is not as satisfying.


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