What's Keeping You From Being Yourself? What 'Stranger Things' Is TeachIng Us About Self-Awareness

Do you remember your first time in a hair salon/barbershop?

How about your first day of kindergarten?

For me, most of those moments were pretty scary.

It's funny how many first experiences stay engrained in memory; you might not remember many details, but you remember the feelings you had in those moments.

Maybe you were afraid of being in a foreign environment, or hurt by a comment made by another kid, or embarrassed because of a decision you made when you didn't know the rules.

But as we get older, we have more experiences with similar situations, and we also start attaching things to us - identities, friends, possessions, affiliations, ideals - attachments keeping us from feeling the way we felt when we were kids. From feeling true humanity.

That's the natural development of the human mind over time, but it's also a great hindrance to developing our self-awareness.

As a kid, you were so in-tune with yourself. You had conversations with yourself, you interacted with mom or sister or friend or teacher and then went on existing in your own box, within your own human.

Now we wake up, instantly check our phones for Facebook gossip, watch tv/youtube before work, involve our thoughts with other people's lives, other people's business with our jobs, and then watch tv again in the evening until it's time to turn off our consciousness with sleep.

addiction to distraction from conscious thinking

We basically exist within a 24-hour distraction network.

We need to consciously unplug ourselves (occasionally) from this matrix to feel what it's like to be human. To be ourselves. To be the Self.

An unedited, actual real life photo (matrix)

We don't need anything else but to be alive. It's so easy to get caught up in the stuff.

We can be above the stuff. We're human. We are a thinking animal.

This is truth - knowing it ceases us from being the way we are now & that's why it's not popular. The initial shock of experiencing self-awareness hurts, so we avoid.

The brain is a muscle, and conscious thinking is difficult exercise.

Humans have many attachments that separate them from being their Self. Things they love. Even others! Even other humans to a degree separate us from truly being.

Because when we're around other humans, we don't realize we are everything - That we're the whole game.

Eleven with a wig on, eating a waffle like a kid

You went into the first day of kindergarten alone. You went to the dentist's office for the first time, alone. Sure your mom or someone might've taken you, but in that moment of feeling, you were experiencing that all by yourself.

The more self-awareness we have, the more we come to terms with being. We'll have nicer stuff. We'll have a better experience.

Eleven saves Mike (Stranger Things)

We are human beings being. Not until we fully realize our Self, can we truly BE with others.

Remember: Your life is a one-player game. It started with your earliest memory, and ends with your last.

Eleven being her true badass self

Action steps:

- Write down some of your first memories. Dwell on how you felt and how you saw things. I like using Trello for this.

- Turn off your phone once in a while, or leave it in another room.

- Try creating a habit of meditating on a regular basis. A friend just got me hooked on the Insight Timer App

- Say no to gossip and spend time more alone. Start taking your friendship with your Self to a whole new level.

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